Kendra ProsperoArchived Webinar: Leeds School of Business - The Secrets to Finding Work You Love

Recorded Thursday, February 23, 2017
Kendra Prospero, Career Coach

Finding fulfillment in our work is a key component to a happy life. There are two important elements to finding work we love: doing something we're good at and doing something that we care about. Kendra Prospero, a national career coach and recruiter, will lead you through key topics that will help you achieve greater success and happiness in your career. 
 The workshop will uncover: 
• A plan for how to manifest the work you were designed for. 
• An easy formula for knowing your immediate next steps. 
• An opportunity for you to find your dream job. 
The speaker will help you: 
• Discover your unique strengths and talents and how to find a job that utilizes your best. 
• Uncover your personal values and needs around what you really need to be happy in a job so you can find the role and the company that are your perfect match. 
• Identify the 3 steps you need to find a job you'll love!

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