Discover natural beauty like you’ve never seen it on this 11-night cruise aboard American Queen Voyages’ Ocean Discoverer. Experience an up-close adventure through Alaska’s unforgettable glaciers, wildlife, and national parks. Enjoy an included 1-night hotel stay in Sitka, then set out with naturalists, historians, and Cal Poly's marine biologists to see an untamed version of Alaska.

Find whales feeding at Five Fingers Lighthouse. Navigate through Thundering Glaciers Wilderness Area's steep, narrow fjord passages by kayak or Zodiac raft. Spot seals in the spray of Baranof Island's overflowing "waterfall coast" and explore Wrangell and Ketchikan, where petroglyphs, totem poles, and native dancers tell tales of Alaska's indigenous peoples. Join expeditions to Misty Fjords National Monument and the Fjordland Conservancy. Before rejoining civilization in Vancouver, don't miss your chance to fish, flightsee, or zip-line through this adventure-seekers paradise.

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