CU Boulder may not feel so far away when you’re caught up in a loud rendition of the “CU Fight Song” watching the Buffs at a local restaurant or swapping dorm stories during a networking event. 

If you don’t have an alumni chapter in your city, start one! We’ll help with all the logistics.  

Chapter and clubs can be formed in one of two ways:

  1. A group of CU Boulder alumni take the initiative.
  2. Based on current societal trends, the Alumni Association takes the initial steps to form a group and seeks out alumni volunteers.

Steps to become a Chapter or Club:

  1. Check the Chapters & Clubs page to ensure that the group you wish to create does not already exist.
  2. To start a new chapter, contact Rebecca Reifel, Senior Chapters Manager, at for additional information. For clubs, please fill out the Club Questionnaire and submit the form to Hailee Koehler, club liaison, at
  3. Informational Meeting/Call: The Alumni Association liaison assigned to your chapter or club will contact the alumnus/alumna who made the initial request to discuss the proposed alumni group within three business days.
    • In some cases the alumni population in a city may be too small to sustain a chapter or club. The Alumni Association liaison will discuss volunteer options within that market if the population won't support an official chapter.
    • The discussion will include the individual’s relationship to CU Boulder, number of other alumni who are interested in forming the group, the list of alumni associated with the proposed group if applicable, affiliations with other organizations, ideas for events and related student groups, etc.
  4. Submission of Required Materials: After the informational meeting/call, the primary alumni contact will gather the necessary requirements and submit them to the appropriate Chapter or Club liaison.
    • Chapter and Club Manual and Memorandum of Understanding Club Questionnaire (clubs only).
  5. Approval: Once all materials are received, the Alumni Association will review the documents and approve the organization for listing on the Alumni Association website.
  6. Contact Forever Buffs in your area:
    • Work with the Alumni Association to understand the system and process for sending emails to alumni in your market and to get your social media channels established.
    • Send out your first e-mail, using resources available to you at the Alumni Association and start making connections and friends. Stay in touch through social media.

Have Question about starting a Chapter or Club? For chapters, contact Rebecca Reifel, Senior Chapters Manager at For clubs, contact Hailee Koehler, clubs liaison at