Jane MillerArchived Webinar: Leeds School of Business – Giving and Getting Feedback

Recorded Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Jane Miller, CEO – HannahMax Cookie Chips

Being open to constructive feedback can make the difference in your career success.  If you are doing something that could be improved and no one tells you, you’ll keep making the same mistakes.  Conversely, if you know what is not working, you have the choice to fix it, or not!  This webinar will give you some tips on how to receive feedback and incorporate it into your career plan.  Similarly, it is easy to give positive feedback but difficult to provide constructive (and often negative) feedback.  Many times, this is because the feedback needs to be on non-technical, or more subjective skills, and that can be uncomfortable. We’ll address how to position constructive feedback in a way that will have the recipient be grateful for your time and effort!

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