RichArchived Webinar: Leeds School of Business - The Economic Outlook for 2017: Headwinds, Tailwinds and the Trump Presidency

Recorded Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Dr. Rich Wobbekind, Business Executive Director—Business Research Division, Associate Professor—Business Economics and Finance and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs for CU Leeds School of Business

Join this webinar to learn about major economic influences on the 2017 national economy. The presentation will also include an in-depth perspective on the state economy and key sectors in Colorado. 
 National Forecast: 
The national forecast will focus on GDP growth with anticipated contributions from the consumer and business sector, while highlighting employment growth and unemployment rates, fiscal and monetary policy, and anticipated interest rate movements. 
Colorado Forecast: 
2017 will mark the 6th consecutive year of robust job growth in Colorado, supporting Colorado’s leadership position in terms of state economic performance, including employment and population growth. Various industry sectors will be discussed, including those expected to add the most jobs. However, despite the positive outlook, headwinds remain. Join the webinar to learn more. 

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