2016 Scholarship Winners

If you feel unending loyalty and commitment to CU Boulder, the Directors Club is the organization for you. This outstanding membership group supports the Alumni Association, CU faculty, students and the university community through capital projects, education, scholarships and activities. 

Want more information? Contact us at directorsclub@colorado.edu.

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Upcoming Events

Holiday PartyDirectors Club Annual Holiday Party
Wednesday, December 20

5-8 p.m.
Cost: $15 per person, all-inclusive

Koenig Alumni Center
1202 University Ave.
Boulder, CO 80309 

Directors Club president Larry Drees (PolSci'89) welcomes past and present board members and their guests to the beautiful Koenig Alumni Center for a special holiday event. Celebrate the season with us and enjoy light hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

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The CU Alumni Directors Club Scholarships are renewable $2,000/semester scholarships created to support current students through contributions to the Scholarship Fund by members of the Directors Club.

How to donate to the Directors Club scholarships

Using proceeds from our annual scholarship fund drive (with a 1-to-4 match from the CU Foundation on money raised through the gift fund) and a small portion of our endowment earnings, we fund three three-year scholarships for first-year students from Colorado high schools. We are currently supporting 10 such scholarships. With your help, we can grow our scholarship program to include additional deserving students.

Donate to the Scholarship Endowment                                                                                            Donate to the Scholarship Gift Fund

The  Scholarships are awarded to first-year students who demonstrate a commitment to the excellence of CU and the community through academic achievements, leadership and involvement in campus clubs and organizations. The scholarship award begins with the recipient’s second (sophomore) year. Scholarships are given out in the spring of each year.

Eligibility – To be considered for the CU Alumni Directors Club Scholarship, students must:

  • Be a currently enrolled full-time (12 hours minimum) CU student
  • Be a first-year student
  • Be a graduate of a Colorado high school
  • Have a GPA of 3.5
  • Demonstrate service to CU through campus involvement in clubs and/or other campus volunteerism/extracurricular activity

The Directors Club Scholarship application is available every year from November through February at MyCUInfo for continuing undergraduate students.

Kristi Bartholomay
Ryan Friedman
Shannon Lacy
Everett Randle
Sara Azimi
Brandon Foy Bodnar
Michael Hansen
Audrey Hearn
Colin Grushkin
Nicholas Maroney
Dylan McNally
Anna Todd
Jessica Yan
2016 Scholarship Winners


Who we are:
The Directors Club serves as the primary link between its members and the University of Colorado Boulder and provides educational, social and other exceptional opportunities for all alumni and friends of the university community to connect with the university and each other.The Directors Club is a self-endowed, 1,100 member club of the CU-Boulder Alumni Association. The Directors Club was founded in 1969 to support the Alumni Association, faculty, students, alumni and friends of the university by providing scholarships, contributions toward capital improvements and special projects, and exceptional special events that promote interest, loyalty and a connection to CU-Boulder.  

What we do:
We currently fund 12 scholarships providing $2,000 per semester for each student for up to three years. Overall, Directors Club members have donated approximately $220,000,000 to the University of Colorado. We host two annual meetings where members hear directly from some of our top faculty on their industry-leading research.  The Annual Conference is a multi-day event generally occurring in early June.  The Annual Symposium is a single-day event generally held in January or February. We sponsor a variety of other social, academic and sports events throughout the university's academic year.

Rod Morgan
Rod Morgan, Past President

Larry Drees
Larry Drees, President 


Don Zinn
Don Zinn, Secretary
Michael Chornack 
Michael Chornack

Karin Rutstein
Karin Rutstein 

Tim Larsen
Tim Larsen

Colin Finch
Colin Finch, Treasurer

Kimbirely Orr 
Kimbirly Orr

Rick Lawrence
Rick Lawrence

Gene Pflum



Reinhold Hofmann
Daniel Todd Stamp
Yasushi Miwa
Kazunori Takato
Keiko Takato
Enid M. Ablowitz
Mark J. Ablowitz, PhD
Donald Eugene Abram
Walter F. Ackerman
Daniel William Adams
Tucker Hart Adams, PhD
Linda Balfour Aikens
Robert Bruce Aikens
Betty Kildow Alexander
John Lawrence Alfond
Ellen G. Alires-Trujillo
Nicole Allard
C. D. Allen, Jr.
Jane Allen
Sara Bachman Allen
Edward F. Altman, Jr.
Marilyn Jo Ames
Ronald M. Ames
Annette G. Anderson
Beverly A. Anderson, MD
Carole Elizabeth Anderson
Daniel James Anderson
Douglas Taff Anderson
Jack Kent Anderson
James H. Anderson, Ret.
Kerrii B. Anderson
Robert K. Anderson
Sydney M. Anderson
Edmund D. Andrews
Henry Frederick Anton Jr.
Suzanne Sturgeon Anton
Austin Robert Appel
Bonnie K. Archuleta
S. J. Archuleta
Doralee J. Armstrong
Anne Morrison Arnold
Harold Arnold
Kathleen Shay Arnold
William G. Arnold Jr.
Forden Athearn
Mary Athearn
Pauline R. Ayers-Menk
Herbert L. Bacon
Laura May Bacon
Edward William Bailey, Jr.
Thelda C. Bailey
Betty Paisley Bangs
Barbara Anne Banta
Frank McAuliffe Banta
Jane Valentine Barker
Richard T. Barker
Karen Lyons Barnes
Gail Elaine Barnett
Jerold W. Barnett
Lynne Abdnor Barnett
Steven Dale Barnett
Marina B. Baroff
Terrance Kelly Barry
Bradley C. Bartels
Jenelle Rachel Bartels
Margaret McDonald Bathgate
Steven Mark Bathgate
D. Christopher Bavolack
Bruce Howe Bean
Pamela J. Bean
Rodney M. Beck, Jr.
Jean Bedell
Richard F. Bedell, MD
Nancy Lake Benson
Michael A. Berniger, Esq.
William A. Bernstein
Rose Ann Bershenyi
Margaret McGuire Betchart
Will Bernhard Betchart
Judy Billings
Richard A. Billings
Philip Jason Bird
Rosemary R. Bischoff
Christopher L. Bittman
Dale W. Black
Madeline R. Black
Marjorie J. Black
Ralph K. Black
Stanley A. Black
William H. Blair
Georgia Ann Blum
Morrie K. Blumberg
Jean M. Bodman
Stephen F. Bodman, MD
Ira Bornstein
Sandra Bornstein
Holly Leann Bosler
Geraldine M. F. Bowden
James M. Bowers
Judith M. Bowers
Elizabeth P. Bowes-Spiegel
James M. Boyd
Lorelee Urbanek Boyd
Alexander E. Bracken, PhD
Sally O. Bracken
Gloria Parnham Bradfield
William Stephen Bradfield
John Bradley
Terry Bradley
L. Robert Branch
Susan Seedle Branch
L. Richard Bratton
Barbara A. Brenton
Beverly Brill
Scott Briskie
John Riley Brooks
Judy Rae Brooks
Andrea Claire Brown
David George Brown, PhD
Thomas G. Brown
Marigen Browning
Walter A. Browning, Jr.
Helen Ruth Brownstein
Norman Brownstein
Donna Joan Broyles
Thomas Mitchell Broyles
Nancy VanDeusen Bruce
S. Kenneth Bruce
M. Dina Brudenell, MD
Thomas Kadel Brunsgaard
Jeremy Thomas Buch
Teresa Buch
Bruce S. Buckland
David J. Budz
Marsha McFarland Budz
John C. Buechner
Katherine R. Buechner
Mark Wesley Burnett
M. Edward Burns Jr.
Richard M. Burridge, Sr., CFA
Carol E. Burwell
Gregg Butterfield
Sara Shreve Caile
William C. Caile
Linda Harvey Caldwell
Robert E. Caldwell
Carol Callan
David D. Callan
Jancy Campbell
Sharon Lane Campbell
Timothy L. Campbell, Esq.
Richard B. Cantrell
Catherine M. Canzonetta
Christopher M. Canzonetta
Elizabeth Bruning Caplan, PhD
Heather Bosler Carroll
Angela M. Carter
Charles B. Carter
Alan C. F. Cass
Sue Ann Cass
Sharon E. Caulfield
Charlotte Marie Cernac
John Joseph Cernac, Sr., RPH
David E. Chadwick
Eric Peter Chamberlain
Julia M. Charles
Robert F. Charles, Jr.
Kathy Charlton
Kenneth W. Charlton
Lucy G. Cheadle
Cynthia Glasgow Cheever
Duane P. Chesley, PE
Thomas Bruce Chesney
Philippe M. Chino
Michael P. Chornack
Ann W. Chrisbens
Frank C. Chrisbens
Byron R. Chrisman, Esq.
Mary Denise Christen
Samuel Ellis Christen
Donald C. Cieber
Donald Robert Clark
John Robert Clark
Kathleen E. Clark
Merry Sue Clark
Sharan L. Clark
Wesley G. Clark
Yvonne L. Clark
Orrie Clemens
Therese Loeffler Clemens, MS, MA
Ruth K.J. Cline
Gayle Mast Coan
Thomas D. Coan, Jr.
Keith Coates
Carol Nelson Coburn
William E. Coburn, Sr.
Elizabeth A. Cody
Martha Coffin Evans, EdD
John R. Cohagen
Mary C. Cohagen
Jonathan E. Cohen, JD
Robert Jay Cohen
Sallie Rochelle Cohen
Ruth Peterson Colby
Stephen Mackaye Colby
William E. Coleman
Sandra Condon
W. E. Condon
Aaron T. Conley
Stefanie L. Conley 
Lea Anne Connelly
Shawn M. Connelly
James B. Connor
Norma Klefstad Connor
Barbara Cooke, PMP
Raymond S. Cooke
Michael George Cooksey
James Robert Cooley
James D. Copeland
Charlotte M. Corbridge
Dayna R. Corey
Michael D. Corey
Alexandra L. H. Corlett
James William Corlett
Carolyn F. Corwin
Cheryl Fraser Coulter
William M. Coulter
Kelly T. Counter
Sandra Kay Coyle
John C. Crane
Teresa Ann Crane
Dee Dee Creighton
James P. Creighton
Rachel Lee Haskin Cross
Thomas Henry Cross
Margot Crowe
Milford F. Cundiff, PhD
Sharon Little Cundiff
Jerome C. Darnell
Phyllis A. Darnell
Marjorie Anderson Davis
Polly Davis
William E. Davis
Melissa H. De Kieffer
Bill Deer, Jr., DDS
Norma Degan
Kitty Lynne deKieffer
Nancy Kishida deKieffer
Velma Ingram Delliquadri
Eugenie Steinhauer deLuise
Jan Fritts Deluise
Scott Deluise
Beverly A. Deming
Robert H. Deming
Diana P. Denecke
George Paul Denecke
Leota DeSouchet
Barbara Williams Dieter
Wesley H. Dieter
Ryan D. Dietz
Christine H. Dietze
Peter C. Dietze
Carolyn J. Dill
Robert J. Dill Jr.
Nancy Sue Dimit
Norman Dominguez
Harold E. Donnelly
John Louis Donnelly
Phyllis Krier Donnelly
Ellen Doty
Gregg Doty
Paula S. Doty
Rick G. Doty, CPA, MBA
Susan Douglas
William A. Douglas
Charles H. Dowding, III, PhD
Jane Ann Dowding
Linda K. Downing
Robert Bruce Downing, AIA
Lawrence Edward Drees
Margot Drees
Helen Bloedorn Duhon
Matthew R. Duncan
Dorothy Mehan Durian
Philip Blaine Durian
Jody Dutkiewicz-Coates, PhD
George L. Duvall
Sallie Laney Keirns Duvall
Dianne M. Dwyer
Patrick Dennis Dwyer
Barbara K. Earnest
G.  Lane Earnest
Henry Atwood Eaton, DDS
Leslie B. Eaton
Barbara Eddy
Richard L. Eddy, MD
Karl William Edmark III
Robert Lee Ehmann
Norma A. Ekstrand
Sylvia Shorney Ellis
Erlene Embrey
Kevin Joseph Emmons
Eric R. Engdahl
Ingeborg Peate Engdahl
Jean Engebretson
Richard E. Engebretson
Martin J. Erzinger, Sr., CIMA
Susan Honnen Erzinger
Frederick A. Esgar
Patricia S. Estes
Kathleen Sue Estes-Morgan
Frances B. Evans
Mary Lynn M. Fader
John F. Farrington, MD
Mary Ann Farrington
Herbert L. Fenster
Jonathan Taylor Fentzke
Brian W. Finch
Colin Stefan Finch
Kelly Darrow Finch
Barbara Mae Fink
Georgia Eilene Compton Fischel
Jud Andrew Fischel
David Robert Fischer
James F. Fish
Paul VanDusen Fishback
Eleanor Carlson Flanders
Charlene A. Fletcher
Makoto Fletcher
Pamela Mays Flowers
W. Harold Flowers Jr.
Jack C. Ford
Lynda Baker Ford
Gail Henry Forker
Lee W. Forker
Douglas John Foster
George Maynard Foster III
Jane Fowler
Deborah W. Fowlkes
Stephen Fowlkes
James B. Fox III
Jane Fox
Carol M. Fredrickson
Robert G. Fredrickson
Jim T. Fritts
Douglas D. Fuhr
Kathleen Fuld
Richard S. Fuld Jr.
Joan Mabee Walseth
Genevieve Willburn Gablehouse
Terrence P. Gallagher, Sr.
Marta Bromschwig Galnick
Mitchell Neil Galnick
Connie J. Gamache
William T. Gamache, RPh
Cathleen S. Gappa
Frank William Gappa
David Allen Gardner
Marcia A. Gardner
Melinda M. Gardner
Nancy Ann Cahill Gardner
Richard R. Gardner
Robert Cheek Gardner, MD
Peggy Garnier
Ann Leutwiler Gasaway
Mack A. Gasaway III
Al Gebauer
Susan P. Gebauer
Robert R. Gehler
Terri M. Gehler, PhD
Catherine N. Gembczynski
Thaddeus F. Gembczynski, Sr.
Barbara Long Gerber
Michael J. Gerber, MD
Matthew David Glasser
Meera Goel
Dee Ann Goetz
John W. Goetz
Jeffrey Good
Herbert Allen Goodrich, DMA
Sidney Goodwin
Donald E. Gordon
Grace Marie Gordon
Carol Peterson Gorsuch
Garry L. Gorsuch
John Gossard
Jennifer Gould
Ronald A. Gould
Billy Dan Graham
Daniel Earl Graham
Frank S. Graham
Rosalind Wilson Graham
Sally Quereau Graham
George Kerr Gramer, Jr., USA (Ret.)
Margo L. Graves
Mark C. Graves
Rose J. Graves
Zack Alan Graves
Donna Grayson
Bruce S. Green
Ethel Frisch Green
Gary L. Greer
Jacqueline Greer
Bonnie Geary Grenney
Paul Veere Grenney
Bruce John Grinnell Jr.
Elysse Gray Grinnell
Lois Reed Grotewold
Joanne Guggenheim
Thomas S. Guggenheim
Patricia L. Guilford
Robert Guilford
Judee Ann Guilmette
Donald D. Gury
Ellen Caldwell Gury, PhD
H. Charles Haas
Susan P. Haas
Ernest Hagler
Jonathan W. Haines
Kimberly A. Haines
Charles Layton Hall
Nancy Hall
Nancy Jones Hall
Carol L. M. Hamilton
Charles Robert Hamm II
Colleen Triguero Hamm
Jessica Michele Hanson
Mark William Hanson
Kay Franklin Harlan
Robert Ernest Harland, CPA
Elizabeth Carpenter Harrington
Eric Bernard Harris
Kris Ann Harris
Lucille Hardy Hart
Lawrence Hartnett
Pauline G. Hasund
Svein H. Hasund
Beverly J. Hayes-Hartnett
Ellen S. Haynes
Richard L. Haynes
Ann P. Hays
William Haze III
Nathan John Heick
M. L. Dick Heimann
Mary Heimann
Robert Eldor Hein
Hannah Cohen Heineman
Lawrence J. Heineman
Arlene Miller Heinz
Peter Edward Heinz
Craig A. Held
Tina Logue Held
Gayla J. Herbel, MD
Ronald Edward Herdt
Norris W. Hermsmeyer
Teri Lyn Hermsmeyer
Doree DuMont Hickman
Gerald M. Hickman, MD
Stephen Crandall Hillard
Kathleen A. Hillock
Wayne Delbert Hillock
James Hindman, BSPE
Nancy S. Hindman
Maribeth Hite
Frankie L. Hitt
Michael A. Hitt, PhD
Alma Ingersoll Hix
Charles F. Hix, Jr.
Nicola S. Hoerig
Michael D. Hogg
Dave Hoover
Suzanne A. Hoover
Marion E. Hopper
Astrid Schroeder Horan
Andrew J. Horning
Cynthia S. Howard
David Howard
Kaye Howe
Graydon D. Hubbard Jr.
Thayer Ricker Hubbard
Robert K. Hudson
Thomas Joseph Hudson
Martha Huelsbeck
Dan S. Hughes
Joseph B. Hughes
Sigrid Hughes
Ruth Ann Hume
Carol Hundert
Michael Lee Hundert
Elsie K. Hunter
Charles Husted
Diane E. Huston Walsh
J. Wayne Hutchens
Joyce Bishop Hutchens
Shannon M. Hynds
Carol Ann Imel
Donald E. Imel
Richard D. Irvin
Ruth K. Irvin
Marisa Frances Ishikawa
Eric C. James
James LeRoy Jamison
Carol Snortland Javernick
Charles A. Javernick
Barbara Jelniker
Ray E. Jenkins
Carol Jensen
Robert Glenn Jensen
Jean K. Joe
Victor C. Joe
Jerry Johannes
Shirley Johannes
Gayle E. Johansson
Karl H. Johansson, MD
Barbara C. John
Alan Crail Johnson
Dale G. Johnson, MD
Eric Crail Johnson
Jerald B. Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Linda Lacy Johnson
Lynda Babbs Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Robert Mackie Johnson
Roger L. Johnson
Susan Evelyn Johnson
Susanne K. Johnson
William P. Johnson
Dawn K. Johnston
Carol S. Jones
Charles Jones, MD
Chris Shinobu Jones
David J. Jones
Dorothy Jean Jones
Rebecca Arrington Jones, MAEd
Synneve M. Jones
Tanya Jones
Harry Tong Jong
Judy Kaffka
Robert Henry Kaplan, PhD
Michael Karpuk
Sandra Kay Ramm Karpuk
Patricia C. Kayne
Ronald Charles Kayne
Ruth Morris Keesling
Thomas Marion Keesling
Terence Paul Keleher
John L. Keller
Katherine A. Keller
Darcie Tilton Kent
David Bradley Kent
Cherie J. Kerns
Randy Kerns
Robert S. King
Lewis Waters Kingdom
Sarah Reed Kingdom
Deborah Cheshire Kinsella
Patrick L. Kinsella
Allison Paige Kinsley
Martha S. Kinsley
Steven Ward Kinsley
Edward J. Kinzer, MD
Betty H. Kirby
H. Ralph Kirby
Gary C. Klein
T. Kenji Kobayashi, MD
Gail Jones Koehn
Kim Jon Koehn
Raymond Chandler Koernig Jr.
Becky Janowski Kolberg
Midge A. Korczak
Jon F. Kottke
Sophia Neel Kountz
Faye J. Kreider
Russell Kreider
Elaine P. Krupnick
Jon E. Krupnick
Jack K. Krutsinger
Sue Dimit Krutsinger
Ralph Kuhl
Beverly Kunz
Lee Kunz
Carol VanArk Kuykendall
Lynn G. Kuykendall, JD, AEP
Leona M. Lann
Candace S. Larsen
Dea Larsen
Timothy John Larsen
Peter Lawrence Lasser
Bethany Jean Laurie
Todd Alan Laurie
Patricia Ann Law
Barbara Kay Lawrence
Elaine Lawrence
Rick W. Lawrence
Robert M. Lawrence
Doris Gaddie Lawson
LeRoy D. Lawson, CEC, USN (Ret.)
James D. Lee
Justin Youngzi Lee
Margie Lynn Martin Lee
Gregory Lefferdink
Barbara MacCornack Leutwiler
Robert L. Leutwiler
Kathryn E. Lewis
L. David Lewis
Bimei Li Herdt
John F. Lillicrop
Stella J. Lillicrop
Mary D. Lind
Debra Diane Lindstrand
Roger Arnold Lipker
Ruth E. Lipker
Jeffrey S. Lipton
Marguerite Lipton
James Michael Livesay
Margaret Beth Livesay
Joan S. Livingston
Adele Kintzele Locke
Edgar Rice Locke, Jr.
Jean Mills Loeffler
Larry Londer, MD
Cynthia Loomis
Douglas S. Looney
Mary Ann Winter Looney
Crystal Thomasena Kus Lopez
Henry Ruben Lopez
Jon B. Lounsbury
Susan S. Lounsbury
Dawn Marie Love
Patrick Kevin Love
Roger L. Love
David R. Luber
Charles F. Luce, Jr.
Jean Hopler Luce
Gary Brian Lutz
Jay E. Lutz
Judith Alberson Lutz
Jana Potucek Lynn, PhD
Ann V. Lyons
Edward R. Lyons, CRE
Jo Ellen Lyons
Richard N. Lyons II
Richard Newman Lyons III
Jackie Mackenzie
Tom Mackenzie
Douglas Nelson Madison
Edward N. Madison
Margaret Arbini Madonna
William C. Madonna, Jr.
Elizabeth Campbell Maguire
Joe J. Maguire, USAF (Ret.)
Joel Clinton Maguire
Betsy Cox Mahin
George W. Mahoney
Jane T. Mahoney
James M. Mallett
Jean M. Mallett
John Pete Manaut
Scott B. Manning
Coila J. Maphis
Sam W. Maphis
Jill L. Marce
Nancy Walter Markham, PhD
Enid E. Marlink
Barbara W. Marowitz
James Michael Marowitz
Gerald Lynn Marriner, PhD
Patricia A. Marriner
Barbara J. Martig
Mitzi Ruth Martin
Greg Martin
Patrick Martin
Sally C. Martin
Carrie Masse
Marian E. Matheson
Elizabeth B. Matthews
James H. Matthews
Cindy R. Maxwell
John Robert Maxwell
Diane Ball May
Jeremy O. May
Greg McArthur, PhD
Mary Jean McArthur
Byron G. McCalmon
Catharine S. McCalmon
Steven James McCarthy
William P. McCartney
Sue McCord
Kathy McCoy
Patrick McCoy, MD
Priscilla Brown McCutcheon
Peggy A. McDill
Robert L. McDill
Edwin C. McDowell, Jr.
Matthew S. McElhiney
Thomas William McEntee
Bonnie McGee
Sidway Anne McKay
Ronald C. McLaughlin
Allan R. McMurray
Dennis Earl McNally
Vicky McRoberts
Donna Robinson Meckley
Carol Mehaffy
John R. Mehaffy
Phil Mehalko
Brian Donald Menk
Debra J. White Menk, PhD
Pete Messimer
George K. Metzger
Janet Hartke Metzger
Ruth Fischer Meyer
Adnan Munir Mian
A. J. Miller
John A. Miller, Jr.
Loyola E. Miller
A. J. Mills, Jr.
Cirrelda Mills
Timothy Curtis Mills, PhD
Celia Phillips Mitchell
James W. Mitchell, MD
Joan Claire Mitchell
Bernice K. Mock
Bruce Robert Mock
Jere Jill Mock
John E. Mock
James R. Modrall III
Charles Moelter
Elizabeth Adams Moloney
M. Scott Mooney
Valorie Goodall Mooney
William P. Mooney
Nancy McDowell Moor
Timothy Scott Moor
Geraldine E. Moorhead
Kenneth D. Moorhead, MD
Rodney G. Morgan
Norma Morin-Voilleque
Beverly Byrne Morrato
James Joseph Morrato
Louise A. Mosley
Mary Alice Munger
Mary S. Murphy
Randall James Murphy
Sarah Murphy
Thomas Barton Murphy
Carole Sarconi Murray
Charles Franklin Murray
Myrle Ann Myers
Roseanne S. Mytton
William P. Mytton
Bernice A. Naessens Hein
Albert Y. Nakata
Terri T. Nakata
Becky Negler
Joseph T. Negler
Jim Neher
Judith A. Neher
Beverly Carol Nelson
Gail H. Nelson, PHD
Louise Nelson
Nancy E. Nelson, MD
Semay Tesga Dibekulu Nelson
Kirsten R. Newbury, EdD
James Matthew Nicklos
Judith Holke Nicklos
Kenda J. Noble
Denis Bowman Nock
Judith M. Nock
Andrew E. North
Kimberly Ann North
Janet Morrill Nuzum
Mike O'Connor, Jr.
Matthew Brian O'Kelley
Nancy Susan O'Kelley
Lavonna Hudleson O'Korn
Marjorie Mandel O'Neill
Gary A. Oakley
Jo Ann Winans Oakley
Jordan Ochoa
Danielle Raye Okin
Janice Lavoie Olde
Richard W. Olde
Shirley N. Olde
Clark Edwin Oldroyd
Janice Kay Oldroyd
Charles F. Oppermann III
Francis Yates Oppermann, Esq.
Hilary M. E. Oppermann
Kimbirly Kay Orr
Candice A. Overman
Kenneth E. Overman
Gary Almon Oviatt
Susan Silver Oviatt
Marion Padgett
Robert C. Padgett
Arnold Palmer
Kathleen Palmer
Catherine Park
Michael Maynard Parker
V. Paige Parker
Madeleine Parmley
Willis E. Parmley, MD
Beverly A. Parsons, PhD
Clark Parsons
Laura Joan Parsons
Robert Parsons
Garry Patrick
Kathleen Patrick
Carol S. Patten
Judy J. Patten
Scott A. Patten
Louise T. Patterson
Alan Pauley
Robyn Pauley
Daniel K. Paulien
Susan A. Paulien
Marguerite R. Paynter
Robert Bates Peacock
Sylvia Arnold Peacock
Sue Carswell Peiker
Pamela Louise Penfold
Alice Bristow Perlmutter
Deana Perlmutter
Edwin George Perlmutter
Leonard M. Perlmutter
Marilyn P. Perreten
Virginia Dovey Perry
William Robert Perry
Emma Peterson
Timothy Frederick Peterson, CFA, CAIA, CIPM
Goetz E. Pfafflin
Eugene W. Pflum, MD
Mary Alice Pflum
Barbara Ann Phillips
Florence J. Phillips
Joan M. Phillips
William B. Phillips
Carmen Pinchuk
Lanny Pinchuk
Helen Pinson
Timothy H. Pinson
Kip Irvin Plankinton
Janet Romberg Pollack
Larry Pollack
Rebecca S. Poole
Audre R. Porterfield
Cynthia Ann Potter
Marybelle Margaret Potter
Gail Palmer Pottinger
Samuel T. Pottinger
Deborah Horton Preble
Larry Preble
Kieran James Purcell, Esq.
A. Jean Pyle
Jimmie H. Queen
Jolene Ann Quigley
Lyal E. Quinby, Jr.
Mary Jo Quinby
Sara Raddatz
Charles Penley Rahe, PhD
Ruth Anne Rahe
Jeffrey Larcom Randall
Nancy Randall
Simeon D. Rapoport, Esq.
Kathy A. Rawls
Charles William Ready
Shari Ready
Dane Reece
William David Reichenberg
Pamela J. Reising
Thomas V. Reynolds
Delores Rhode
George L. Richardson
David Speer Richman
Virginia Riedesel
David F. Rimple, MD
Judith C. Rimple
Colleen Anne Bresnahan Rios
Irvin Glenn Rios, SIOR
Krista Larsen Ritacco
Paul A. Ritacco II
Alvin David Rivera PhD
David Lee Roberts
Jerry B. Robinson
Judy Adele Rock Miller
Lauren James Roe
Virginia Lewis Roe
Barbara Romig
Joseph Howard Romig, PhD
Rebecca J. Roser
Zachary Michael Rothmier
Craig Tudor Rueckert
Leslie Rueckert
Deana Rogers Ruffell
Murray Ruffell
Terre Rushton Rushton
Melanie Hamburger Russell
Stan Russell
Robert E. Ruthrauff
Karin Audrey Rutstein
Gary Paul Sandblom
Jacqueline Foster Sandblom
Alfred M. Sanders, Jr.
Christopher Michael Sanders
Richard Allen Sapp
Shari Myers Sapp
Mehran Sarfaraz
Kenny Sarfin
Michele Lisa Sarfin
Stephen Douglas Sayre
Diane Marie Schauer
Paul Eugene Schauer
Don H. Schilling, MD
Dara Margaret Schlossmann
Barbara L. Schneider, PhD
Ronald E. Schneider
Charline Knudson Scoggin
Ann Miller Scott
Frank H. Scott
Ronald Robert Scott
Dorothy Radcliffe Sease, PhD
Mary Lou Seeliger
Susan Cleary Sehn, MD
N. F. Anthony Seibert
Joanne M. Sesson
Karen R. Shay
Elwood K. Shelton, DVM
Karen Kuska Shepherd
Thomas James Shepherd
Patrick Raymond Shima
Claudia Schalk Short
Ronald Short
Lonnie M. Sibley, DDS
Nancy K. Sievers
Robert E. Sievers, PhD
Michael A. Signorella
Lois Elaine Simeral
Charles L. Sisk
Michael Anthony Skeen
David E. Skinner
Barbara Davis Smart
Danny Ray Smith
Judy K. Smith
Keith Watson Smith
Richard Lawrence Smith
Roger V. Smith
David Lewis Snitman, PhD
Bill Spencer
Sue Hammond Spencer
Barbara Ward Spengler
Robert Imbrie Spengler
Mark Frederick Spiegel
Anne St. Claire
Greg St. Claire
Ana Stapp
Deborah Glenn Stapp
William B. Stapp
Robert B. Starke, Jr.
Claire R. Stein
Donald W. Stein, MD
Sanford Palmer Steinberg
Edwin E. Steinbrecher
Mary Smoot Steinbrecher
Julianne M. Steinhauer
Peter F. Steinhauer, DDS
John A. Stephenson
Randall Harbeck Stephenson
Ronald R. Sternal
Richard August Stithem, MPP
Jane P. Stockebrand
Pamela Trantanella Stoddart
Timothy M. Stoddart, CMFC
Ann Stoffel
Thomas Lee Stoffel
Alan Stormo
Martha A. Stormo
Janet I. Stump
Ronald J. Stump
H. Lee Sturgeon
Vinita B. Sturgeon
Martha Lee Sugg
Daniel Wesley Sullivan
Hester T. Sullivan
Susan Geer Swaeby
Dale Sidney Sweat Jr.
Diane Nicholson Sweat
Betty Farrar Sweetman, M.A., Ccc-A
Richard H. Sweetman, PhD
John Dmitri Tadich
Barbara S. Taniguchi
Steven Kaoru Taniguchi
Patricia Rodmon Taylor
Richard H. Taylor, Jr.
Robert L. Taylor
Cheryl Tedesco
Dave Tedesco
Jack C. Thompson, PhD
Jeannie Thompson
Patricia MacKenzie Thompson
A. Jean Thresher, MD
Dean Thresher
Joyce Peterson Thurmer
Cynthia Tompkins
Martha Jean Toon-Anderson
Gordon T. Trafton II
Alba L. Trager
Timothy John Trager
Robert Michael Trinen
Barbara L. Tronstein
Steven L. Tronstein
Gloria Trotsky
Martin Trotsky
Jeff Allen True
Lorenzo Alan Trujillo, Esq.,JD,EdD
Mary Little Tyler
Gwen H. Ueoka
Paul M. Ueoka
Carolyn I. Ulsh
Linda Ann Valdez
Mrs. Peter Van Dorn
Peter D. Van Dorn
Linda Haldorson Van Hare
Robert S. Van Hare, MD
Ok Young Van Patten
William Merrick Van Patten
Lori R. Vandervelde
Barbara W. VanWinkle
Marvin W. VanWinkle
Esther Marie Varney
Scott Kenneth Varney
Bruce Wray Vaughan
Kathryn Ann Vaughan
Peter McDaniel Verbrugge
Anne Staton Voilleque
Paul George Voilleque
Harold N. Walgren, MD
Leanne H. Walgren
Donald R. Walker
Jane P. Walker
Marian A. Walker
Ouida Drechsler Walker
Richard F. Walker
James F. Walsh
Robert E. Walsh Jr.
Karine G. Walter
John Stanton Wanberg, PhD
James Brian Warburton
Kathleen Warburton
Donna Ward
John V. Ward
Connie S. Warnick
Jon P. Warnick
Charles L. Warren
Emma Jo Palmer Warren
Judy A. Waterman
Robert H. Waterman, Jr.
Jeffrey Scott Waters
Betty Anne Watt Neudeck
Linda D. Weatherwax
Michael D. Weatherwax
Carolyn M. Weber
Robert L. Weber
Robert Newman Webster
Kurt Edward Wedgwood
Zita L. Weinshienk
Andrew Paul Weis
David Ernest Weiss
Linda Weiss
Jill L. Welt
Louis William Welt
Dave William Wergin
Shirley M. Wergin
Teri Dee Whisenand, PhD
Ellen F. Whitaker
Kay Leslie Whitman
William Whitman
Susan A. Whitmire
Herbert Alan Wiechman
K. Larrane Wiechman
Irma K. Wiener
Esther Williams
Frederick L. Williams
Karen Tatum Williams
Mark Cullen Williams
William D. Williams III
Craig Alan Williamson
Kristie L. Williamson
Nancy Karin Willis
William W. Willis, II
Jo Ellen Wilson
John Stoddard Wilson
F. Brown Windle
Yvette Marie Windle
Robley Winfrey II
Chester N. Winter
Margaret Anne Winter
Gordon Alan Wiss
Mary K. Wiss
Linda Lizaraga Witherow
Richard S. Witherow
John Wittemyer
Nancy Vincent Wittemyer
Adrianne Wonnacott
Patrick Michael Woods
E. Ruth Woody
Cynthia Singer Wright
Dave H. Wright
Rena Meng-Fei Yang
Dee Marie Zafiratos
Barbara E. Zarlengo
Albert L. Zeman
Donna Lien Zeman
Aivars Ziedins, CFP
Barbara Ziedins
James L. Ziegler
R. Nancy Ziegler
Justin J. Ziemba
Jeffrey William Ziese
Christine Lanier Zimmerman
Kent Douglas Zimmerman
Ronald W. Zimmerman
Trudy Schilling Zimmerman
Donald Blevins Zinn
Fran Zinn
Mary E. Zinn
Steven Craig Zwerdlinger, MD


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With fond memories we remember the following Directors Club members we have lost this past year.  Every one of them connected with, contributed to and celebrated the University of Colorado.  They always will be “Forever Buffs.”  We will all miss them.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from a sympathy card, get well wishes, thinking of you card, please contact Rebecca Reifel at 303-492-4920 or rebecca.reifel@colorado.edu and we will send a card.

Edwin (Jim) Quigley  - April 2015

Dottie Joyce – May 2015

Rob deKieffer – June 2015

Rudy deLuise – October 2015

Marion Lyons – January 2016

Dick Meckley – February 2016

Thomas Crain Moor – March 2016 

Gladi Lefferdink - August 2016

Please consider joining us, your fellow CU supporters, by becoming a member of the Directors Club. For more information on how to join the Directors Club please contact Rebecca Reifel, Sr. Program Manager of Chapters and Directors Club Staff Liaison, by email at rebecca.reifel@colorado.edu or by phone at 303-492-4920.