50 years of football

With a challenging year for sports and an atypical football season here at CU, the Heritage Center staff decided to have some fun combing through our eclectic football collections. We dug out some interesting photos, textiles and artifacts, and are excited to share some of our finds with you, many items that rarely get seen! We flipped through student catalogs, yearbooks, scrapbooks and newspapers to put names to faces, identify events and give you links to some play-by-play articles directly from the Silver & Gold student newspapers.  

Explore our 50 Years of CU Football: 1890-1940 gallery, and like or comment on the objects and photographs. This gallery will continue to evolve, so visit regularly to discover new items and stories throughout the revised football season!

For more background about the players on the 1890 football team, visit our CU’s First Football Team gallery, explore the map and learn more about the lives of these 21 players.

We used various sources to highlight our gallery and develop the biographies, so please contact us if you have any questions. If you know more about any of these objects, events, or individuals, please reach out to the Heritage Center’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent and help us fill in the gaps.