Join Dr. Doug Duncan, former director of CU Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium, to experience an incredible sight you’ll remember your whole life: a total eclipse of the sun. You’ll hear from speakers, including the astronaut who launched the Hubble Space Telescope, enjoy a “star party” with telescopes under clear night skies and meet people from all over the country.

A total eclipse of the sun is eerie and strange — many people are moved to tears. The sky darkens and the unearthly silver streamers of the sun’s corona stretch across the sky, while pink “flames” (i.e. prominences) decorate the sun’s edge. It gets cold, the color of the landscape changes and it feels like the ordinary world is ending. The beautiful lake district north of Austin, Texas, offers the perfect spot for viewing this unearthly phenomenon under clear skies. 

The next total eclipse visible from the U.S. is not until 2045!

Dr. Duncan is known for communicating the excitement of astronomy and space exploration. His 2017 eclipse trip sold out a year in advance, so it is wise to book early. You’ll pay half the trip cost at booking, and the rest is due in April 2023, a year before the trip. If you need to cancel between signup and April 2023, the fee is only a 10% processing charge.

Two popular CU Professors, Erica Ellingson & Nick Schneider, will be joining the trip. Erica is an expert on archeo-astronomy, the Sky Watchers of Chaco Canyon & other early people of the Southwest. Nick is an expert on the exploration of Mars.

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