Alexa Brown

Broomfield, CO

Graduated from:
University of Colorado Boulder (undergraduate) and Northwestern University (graduate)

Reading, trying new foods, traveling, attending concerts/musicals/plays (supporting the arts!)

Favorite thing about CU Boulder:
It’s such a fun, vibrant community! The people who live and work here really care and want you to succeed.

Favorite place to eat in Boulder:
Mustard’s Last Stand. I’m a Chicagoan at heart and since I haven’t found my kind of pizza (deep dish, yum!), I can always go for a Chicago-style hotdog with all the fixings, just no ketchup!

Explore the campuses of the schools you visit as well as their surrounding cities. Keep in mind that you’re finding your future home, so the community outside of the school is just as important as the one created for you on-campus.