The College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program presents a variety of opportunities for motivated undergraduate students. In order to graduate with Latin honors, juniors and seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences can choose to write an honors thesis. For more information, please review ALC’s Latin Honors guidelines and contact Katherine Alexander, the Honors Council Representative for the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations. Also, honors-qualified students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher are eligible - but not required - to take Honors Program courses and attend Honors Community events. Students can also choose to apply to live in the Honors Residential Academic Program.

The Bachelor’s-Accelerated Master's (BAM) degree program in Chinese or Japanese recognizes the need for master’s-level training upon entering the job market in a variety of sectors that call for highly advanced proficiency in the Chinese or Japanese language, knowledge of the culture of China or Japan and its literature, and the skills acquired by BA and MA graduates in the humanities: research, analysis, interpretation, translation and communication.

This degree offers a challenging and focused academic experience for exceptional students (particularly those who enter the university with significant preparation in Chinese or Japanese studies from high school or with other backgrounds, or those who participate in study abroad opportunities at CU) who demonstrate the ability to express their ideas clearly, both orally and in written form, using standard English. Highly motivated students who are accepted into the program begin graduate work no later than the senior year and earn both the BA and MA in five years. Students must have a minimum 3.25 GPA for all courses taken at CU Boulder and should have completed all MAPS and core requirements by the end of the sophomore year.

The application is open only to CU Boulder students. Students must submit the written application for admission, along with a statement of purpose, a writing sample and three letters of recommendation, at least one from a full-time member of the Chinese or Japanese faculty, by Sept. 1 of their junior year (or, in exceptional circumstances, during the student's senior year) to the director of graduate studies in Chinese or Japanese. Applications will be reviewed by the graduate faculty of Chinese or Japanese. Students interested in applying for this option must consult with the department's undergraduate academic advisor early in their career at CU to establish their program of study.

Please refer to the Chinese BAM and Japanese BAM pages for specific information about requirements and curriculum.

The Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations, in conjunction with the Business School at the University of Colorado Denver, offers a degree track in Chinese or Japanese leading to accelerated admission to the CU Denver MSIB (Master of Science in International Business) program. Students complete the standard requirements for the Chinese or Japanese major and the business minor in the Boulder Leeds School of Business. Business courses from the undergraduate degree count toward prerequisites for the MSIB program. For more information, see the CU Denver MSIB website.

UROP sponsors students who wish to work in partnership with a faculty member on a research or creative project. Consult with your instructors about opportunities they may have. If you agree on a project, you and your faculty mentor will submit an application to UROP to fund your research.