Published: July 8, 2021

Emeritus Professor Paul W. Kroll has published a new book, The Poetry of Meng Haoran, in De Gruyter's Library of Chinese Humanities series. This is the first complete translation into any language of all of the poetry of Meng Haoran (689-740), one of the most famous poets of the Tang dynasty. Like other books in the series, it includes the original Chinese text, with the translation on facing pages, plus additional notes. It is also available online as an Open Access searchable file. Last fall Prof. Kroll published "At the Shores of the Sky": Asian Studies for Albert Hoffstädt, which he and Prof. Jonathan Silk of the University of Leiden co-edited in honor of the person who has been for twenty-five years the chief acquisitions editor for Asian Studies at Brill Publishers. The book includes essays by twenty-two contributors on various aspects of Chinese, Indic, and Japanese studies, including Prof. Kroll's essay, "On Some Verses of Li Bo." Later this year a revised and expanded third edition of Prof. Kroll's Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese will be published by Brill.