I love the seminar because Rahul is incredibly knowledgeable about Bhakti and South Asia, so it gives me an opportunity to go more in depth into different topics. I am also learning about the progression of the Hindi language and the languages that preceded it which is fascinating to me. I like the small group setting as well. It allows us the flexibility to study and read different works according to what we are interested in. 

CLAC Photo 1Mimi Eshleman is one of the three students who are taking the one-credit Advanced Language Co-Seminar (ASIA 4001) this Spring 2020 with Rahul Parson, Assistant Professor of Hindi/Urdu. This course is associated with the main course, HIND 3851 Devotional Literature in South Asia, which introduces students to the rich heritage of devotional literature in pre- and early modern South Asia, often referred to as Bhakti. In this seminar, students have an opportunity to read texts in its original language. "I knew I wanted to take the Bhakti course with Rahul and this seminar was a way to push the boundaries of my Hindi learning and learn more about the culture of South Asia," said Eshleman.

Joseph Archer took the seminar in Fall 2018 with Parson while enrolled in HIND 3811 The Power of the Word: Subversive and Censored Twentieth Century Indo-Pakistani Literature. In Fall 2019, he studied abroad in Jaipur and further advanced his Hindi. Because he enjoyed the last seminar, he decided to enroll again this semester. 

CLAC Photo 2Students interested in the seminar should enroll in Hindi/Urdu language courses since intermediate or higher Hindi is required. 

HIND 3811 The Power of the Word: Subversive and Censored 20th Century Indo-Pakistani Literature
Provides an overview of a selection of writings by important 20th century Indo-Pakistani authors, which will permit students to get acquainted with Indian literature. Provides insight into the experience of social and political events in the 20th century and the reaction of the government to the critical analysis and portrayal of these events. Taught in English. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: human diversity.

HIND 3851 Devotional Literature in South Asia
Focuses on the medieval and modern periods (1200-present), and the languages of North India and Pakistan (Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi). Students engage with English translations of works by Tulsidas, Surdas, Kabir, Mirabai, Nanak, Khusrau, Ghalib, Anis and Iqbal. Recurring themes include issues of authorship and interpretation; religious and aesthetic encounter; and the legacy of these traditions in modern South Asian society and literature. Taught in English. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: literature and the arts.

*The seminar is a part of the program called Culture and Language Across the Curriculum (CLAC). For more information on CLAC, please visit the Center for Asian Studies website