The Arabic placement exam will be held on Wednesday, August 22nd at 11:00am in HUMN 350 and Friday, August 24th at 2:00pm in HUMN 230

Please read WHO should take the placement exam Q/A carefully. ARAB 1010 students, if you have no prior experience with the Arabic language, then the placement exam is not necessary.

Arabic placement exam overview 
(The exam will take between 60-90 minutes including a 10-15 minute interview)

1- Who should take the placement exam?
*Students who seek admission into the Arabic program and have completed Arabic courses outside the university.
*Students who have studied on their own or outside the university or who have acquired Arabic through residence in or travel to an Arabic speaking country.
*Students who have studied abroad and who want to register for the next level of Arabic.
*Students who have a gap of one year or longer between taking Arabic courses.

2-What does the exam for placement into Beginning Arabic II cover?
The exam covers the material taught in Beginning Arabic I : The alphabet and AlKitaab Part One, 3rd edition (Units 1-4)

3- What does the exam for placement into Intermediate Arabic I cover?
The exam covers the material taught in Beginning Arabic II: AlKitaab Part One, 3rd edition (Units 5-10). The exam includes sections on reading, vocabulary and grammar. 

4- What does the exam for placement into Intermediate Arabic II cover?
The exam covers the material taught in Intermediate Arabic I: AlKitaab Part One, 3rd edition (Units 11-13) & AlKitaab Part Two (Units 1-2). The exam includes sections on reading, vocabulary and grammar. 

5- What does the exam for placement into Advanced Arabic I cover?
The exam covers the material taught in Intermediate Arabic II: AlKitaab Part two, 3rd edition (Units 3-6). The exam includes sections on reading, vocabulary and grammar. 

6- What does the exam for placement into Advanced Arabic II cover?
The exam covers the material taught in Advanced Arabic I: AlKitaab Part two, 3rd edition (Units 7-10) and supplemental material. The exam includes sections on reading, vocabulary and grammar. 

7- What is the minimum passing grade on an Arabic placement exam?
A minimum score of 70%  is required.

Please contact Randa Muhammed (, Instructor of Arabic Language and Literature Program