J-Workshop - Poster

Please join us for this semester’s series of Japanese Language and Information Literacy Workshops! These workshops will be held on Thursdays from 5-6 PM in Norlin Library’s instruction room E260A. For more information, contact Adam Lisbon.

Library Workshops for Japanese: How to Discover the Japanese Language

SEP 14 – The Secret Life of Japanese Dictionaries

What’s the best J-Dictionary online? Do I really need a print one? There’s more to these essential language tools than meets the eye.

SEP 21 – JET Program Application Workshop

Teaching English in Japan on JET can be an amazing experience, but is it right for you? Find out what it really takes to participate.

SEP 28 – The Hidden Structure of Kanji: Radicals Part I

Think memorizing 2000+ Kanji is a humongous challenge? This workshop is for you, and you’ll learn why it isn’t as hard as you think.

OCT 5 – The Hidden Structure of Kanji: Radicals Part II

A follow up to the first Kanji workshop. Go hands on with some paper and digital tools to really understand how Kanji work.

OCT 19 – On’Yomi and Kun’Yomi, How Japanese is Pronounced

A pronunciation all their own. If it feels tedious keeping track of how to pronounce Kanji, it’s time to become a genius at pattern recognition.

These workshops are sponsored by the JET Program Alumni Association and are open to both CU students and the Boulder community.