On April 6th, the language instructors and students in the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations hosted the annual Asian Language Night, filling the auditorium to celebrate cultural diversity. With presentations from the Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi/Urdu, Japanese and Korean language programs, students and instructors shared skits, poetry readings and musical and dance performances. A bountiful reception brought the evening to a close, with everyone congratulating one another on their hard work and wonderful presentations. The Department especially thanks its many language instructors for organizing this large event and helping their students in their preparations.

Asian Language Night 2017 Poster Asian Language Night 2017 Program_1 Asian Language Night 2017 Program_2 Arabic 1020 Violin Performance Chinese 1020 Skit Farsi 1020 Video Hindi 1020 Skit Japanese 1020 Kendo Korean 1020 Live Performance Arabic 2120 Dabke Dance Troupe "DDT" Chinese 2120 Saturday Night Show Japanese 3120 Otaku Thieves Farsi 2120 Video Hindi 2120 Song Japanese 2120 and 4120 Poem "Not Broken by Rain" Korean 2120 Skit "We are Korean students!" Chinese 3120 "If you are not serious, don't bother" Hindi 3120 Dance