Welcome to Detachment 105!  We are excited to provide you with opportunities for personal and professional development while we prepare you to become the best possible 2d Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. To start your journey towards officership, we encourage you to participate in our yearly New Cadet Orientation. Here, you will learn the proper Air Force Dress & Appearance and Customs and Courtesies, and you will be introduced to basic Drill and Ceremonies; these are the foundation on which you will build the leadership, officership, and management skills necessary for commissioning as an officer in the United States Air Force.

The New Cadet Orientation is a cadet-led introduction to Air Force ROTC life - you will have the opportunity to learn from fellow students what it means to be a cadet.

Parents are welcomed and can participate in a Q&A session with our cadre.


This voluntary event will be held on the University of Colorado Boulder campus on August 25th 2017 and is scheduled from 0900-1300 (with additional time after 1200 for new cadets to do inprocessing paperwork they may have missed) in DUAN G1B20 (Duane Physics Building) on the CU Campus. The following table lists the details of the day.


2017 New Cadet Orientation Schedule
Time Description Location

Welcome, Introductions, and a word from the Detachment Commander, staff and Cadet Wing Leadership


Dress and Appearance, Customs and Courtesies, A Week in the Life of a Cadet


Students: Drill Session

Parents Q&A with our cadre

Buffalo plaza


1100-1200 Lunch (provided, free) social with cadets and cadre


1200-1300 Tour of Detachment Facilities (multiple groups) Folsom Stadium/Rec Center

In-processing paperwork with cadre as necessary

Folsom Stadium

2nd Floor - Cadre Offices