Projects, Rockets, and Excellence at this Year’s Student Project Symposium

After months of dedication, hard work, design, analysis, and construction, AES students demonstrated their knowledge and problem-solving abilities at this year’s 2014 Student Project Symposium. Ten undergraduate teams and five graduate teams showed off their designed, built, and tested projects ranging from rovers, jet engines, solar sails, cubesats, and a quad copter to a particle impact sensor systems, debris detection and identification system, an asteroid probe, and various space-life technologies.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden surprised students, industry executives, faculty, staff, and AES supporters by attending the symposium and meeting with student teams to discuss their projects.   Adding to the excitement of the day and streaming live, ALL-STAR, a CU-Boulder student/Lockheed Martin 3U cubsat, left Earth on a SpaceX Falcon 9.  Throughout the launch, Mr. Bolden described to the audience what was happening as each stage of the rocket carried the payload closer and closer to orbit. Not only was it a great chance for the students to discuss their projects with industry and Administrator Bolden, but the symposium also reflected the great hands-on opportunities and accomplishments current students and alumni have in the Aerospace Engineering programs.