Visions Lab Usage Policy

Your account is a privilege. Failure to adhere to the lab policy will result in suspension or revocation of your account and lab access. Your account is valid for as long as you remain a student in the department. After two years of inactivity your account may be subject to deletion. If you need to keep your account active for any reason, please make arrangements with the System Administrator.
WARNING!!!: Failure to adhere to rules 1 and 2 may result in the ENTIRE LAB BEING CLOSED TO ALL USERS for a period of time (up to 7 days; except for instructors and classes of course).

  1. There is NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed in the lab. NO OPEN DRINKS, this includes cans, bottles, coffee cups, etc. The ONLY exception to this is personal water bottles with a closed top.
  2. DO NOT LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN. This is a restricted lab. We do not want everyone to be able to walk right in. You may let some friends in if they are working with you, but do not leave the door open.
  3. Do not give your password or access card to anybody.
  4. Classes have priority in the lab. If an instructor asks you to leave, save your work and leave.
  5. Do not turn the power off to any machine. You may restart the computer if you need to, but do not shut it down or turn it off when you leave, just make sure you log out.
  6. There is extra hard drive space available for temporary storage on each machine. Anything you leave on the hard drive can be viewed/deleted by any other person who uses that machine after you.
  7. The white boards are for instruction and group work. Please leave markers and erasers in the lab, erase the boards and clean with fluid when needed.
  8. Leave your machine unattended at your own risk. If you’re logged in anyone can come along and wreak havoc to your account.
  9. There are trash cans by the door. USE THEM. Please keep the lab clean and throw away your trash.
  10. Do not download or install any programs. Contact the admin if any needed programs are missing.

You MUST provide proper information for the following or your request for lab access will not be able to be processed.

(for consistency this will be your username in the lab)

If you are not in a class scheduled to use the lab, please give your reason why you would like to use the lab.

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