The research of the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department is incredibly wide in breadth, spanning bioastronautics to unmanned aircraft systems. Its societal and industry impacts are equally varied.

However, the research of the AES Department is not conducted in isolation; it requires the collaboration and support of numerous public institutions and private companies across the Front Range. In recent decades, Colorado has emerged as a national leader in the field of aerospace. According to the Colorado Space Coalition:

  • Colorado ranks first in the nation for per-capita private aerospace workers.
  • Colorado has the second largest aerospace economy.
  • Colorado has more than 500 aerospace companies providing space-related products and services.
  • Colorado employs more than 190,000 individuals in space-related jobs.

In addition, Colorado is home to some of the nation's foremost research centers for atmospheric and space science, such as NOAA and NCAR.

Cumulatively, these entities shape the dynamic and expanding aerospace community in which CU-Boulder thrives. To explore some of the institutions and companies that are intimately tied to the university and broader Boulder community, check out the catagories below: