Counting down to groundbreaking for a new aerospace building on campus.
Department Update | Fall 2016

How should a new aerospace building at CU Boulder look? What kind of lab space is needed? How big should the classrooms be? Campus officials are working to answer exactly those question as they draw up designs for the proposed structure.

Earlier this year, CU Boulder publicly announced a push to construct a dedicated building for aerospace on campus, and things have moved quickly since then. >> Read More

Blair Thompson spends a lot of time thinking about satellite flight trajectories and navigation. It is his job, after all, but it's also a personal drive. You don't earn three master's degrees and a PhD by accident, well, one of them was sort of by accident, but more on that later.

As an engineer and scientist at aerospace and defense contractors, Thompson's work has led vehicles to the International Space Station, will soon guide travel to the moon, and is part of satellites orbiting overhead. >> Read More

Dead cell phones are the problem of the 21st-century. Walk into any coffee shop or airport and every outlet in sight will be plugged with chargers. However, what if you never had to worry about charging your phone again, because your charger was your own body heat.

It's a future that could become a reality through the work of assistant professor Sanghamitra Neogi, who has received a $700,000 DARPA grant to investigate thermoelectric materials, which convert heat into electricity. >> Read More

Matt Hurst dreams of becoming an astronaut. It's a desire shared by many around the world, but for Hurst, these are not merely idle thoughts of someone staring at the night sky. As an aerospace student, Hurst is on a path he hopes will take him into space, but if not, his drive and skill assure he'll play a leading role in the aerospace industry for decades to come.

"There are two tracks to get to space, to be military, or through research and academia. I'm on the second track," says Hurst, an undergraduate senior. >> Read More

New Dean

Bobby BraunBobby Braun has been named the new dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. He comes to CU Boulder from Georgia Tech and is a former Chief Technologist at NASA. He will begin as dean in January, succeeding Rob Davis, who has served in the position for the last 14 years and will return to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering faculty.

Faculty Awards

Mahmoud Hussein and his co-authors were selected to receive a Lloyd Hamilton Donnell Applied Mechanics Reviews Paper Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to applied mechanics archival literature.

Jay McMahon had a binary asteroid, (46829) McMahon, named after him, in recognition of his research work on the dynamics of binary asteroids and their orbits. He becomes one of two current CU Boulder aerospace faculty with named asteroids.

Jim Voss was awarded the AIAA Haley Space Flight Award. Voss is a former astronaut, and the award honors him for "outstanding contributions to human space flight, through distinguished performance on five spaceflights, space station assembly, leadership in spacecraft design, and dedication to space education."

Student Awards

Michael DeLuca , PhD student, was awarded a John Mather Nobel Scholarship by the National Space Grant Foundation, Inc. The award funds travel to present scientific research for students interning at NASA Goddard, where Mather is the senior scientist on the James Webb Space Telescope.

Markus Geiss , PhD student, received the AIAA 2016 John Leland Atwood Graduate Award, which recognizes a student actively engaged in research in the areas covered by the technical committees of AIAA.

Heather Hava, PhD student, spoke at the White House Frontiers Conference . The October event brought together leading innovators to discuss how investing in science can improve lives and help settle the final frontier - space. Hava spoke at a panel entitled Not Just to Visit, But to Stay.

Jordan Holquist, PhD student, earned 1st place in the student poster competition at the International Conference on Environmental Systems in Vienna, Austria.  His poster was titled "Ionic Liquids Selection and Initial Test Results for Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction."

Ryan McGranaghan (Aero, PhD 2016) briefed the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, Committee on Solar and Space Physics (CSSP) on his PhD work on Ionospheric Data Assimilation, and extensions thereto.

Margaret Rybak, PhD student, received a NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Graduate Fellowship.

Scott Sheahan, PhD student, was selected as one of three winners of the AIAA and Drone World Expo Innovative Drone Exploration and Application (IDEA) Competition.


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