Location: ECAE 199
Capacity: 26
Phone: 303-735-0310
Includes projector and conference phone.

AES Onizuka Conference Room Policies & Procedure – April 2011


  • First priority for this room is all Aerospace department functions. Aerospace faculty meetings have top priority. Next in priority is an AES graduate student reserving the room for a defense, or any AES faculty’s request to reserve the room. A senior projects team may reserve the room if their faculty advisor will be with them.
  • We will not be able to accommodate reoccurring weekly meetings for other departments.
  • Faculty and staff in the College may request the room, as well as graduate students in other departments who may schedule it for a defense or a meeting. Undergraduate students from other departments may not schedule Onizuka.
  • No red food or wine may be served in the room. When food is served, all food and beverage items and trash should be removed immediately following the meeting and carried to the dumpster. This includes any recycling.
  • The Onizuka Conference Room is to be set back to its original condition following every meeting—whiteboards cleaned, chairs set around the table and against the walls in an orderly manner, lights out (the screen should stay down--it has become finicky).
  • Please make sure you lock the door after every use.


  1. Check the availability of the room at the desired time using the calendar.
  2. Email aerospace@colorado.edu to schedule the date/time. Be sure to provide the following information: Contact person, name of group, number of people attending, date and full length of time requesting.
  3. Melissa will confirm and update the schedule.
  4. The key to Onizuka is kept in Joanie's office. She will open the room for you if she is there, or loan you the key if you are using it when she is away. The key should be returned to her office (or the box by her desk) at the end of your meeting.
  5. Call Melissa Piper at 303-735-4551 to get you a key from the 6th floor office if Joanie is unavailable.