Senior Design 2015-2016

Course Coordinator: James Nabity
Course Assistant: Thomas Green
Professional Advisory Board (PAB): James Nabity, Joe Tanner, Ryan Starkey, Jelliffe Jackson, Robert Marshall, Trudy Schwartz, Matt Rhode, Bobby Hodgkinson

8 Teams:



AESIR will design, build, and test a small-scale prototype of a deicing system for the Orion Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Project Sponsor: Aurora Flight Sciences Customer: Ellis Langford & Ed Wen Project Advisors: Joseph Tanner Project Manager: Libby Thomas Team Members: Kelly Allred, Jonathan Eble, Nicole Ela, Jacqueline Godina, Andre Litinksy,...


COMPASS shall design, build and validate a model positioning system for the new CU wind tunnel. It will provide support for aerodynamic models in 4 degrees of freedom for use in research performed by CU graduate students, graduate student labs, and undergraduate senior projects.


ELSA will design and build a self-contained probe (the NeoPod) to collect, store, and transmit data via RF to the Ground Station, which is also being designed and implemented by the project team. The NeoPod will be designed to operate in a laboratory environment on Earth for a 100 hour...


FISH&CHIPS will design a satellite structure which can support up to a 100kg total satellite mass and deploy from the International Space Station. The design of this structure will decrease manufacturing time and cost along with mass. The team will build a structural test model of the structure which will...


INFERNO will develop a semi-autonomous drone to deliver custom sensor packages. The drone caries the sensor package beneath the drone. Once the drone reaches the target location, it lowers and deploys the sensor package. The Sensor package then begins to record and transmit data back to the ground station. The drone then collects pictures and video of the desired location. This project is designed to interface with future projects, allowing the drone and sensor package to be remotely delivered and activated by a rover.


REAPER will model, build, implement, and verify an integrated recuperative heat exchanger system into an existing JetCat P90-RXi miniature turbojet engine to decrease thrust specific fuel consumption. Project Sponsor: Air Force Research Lab Customer: Capt. Joshua Rittenhouse Project Advisors: Dr. Ryan Starkey Project Manager: Andrew Marshall Team Members: Kevin Beiri,...


SPAM will design and integrate an additive manufacturing system such that it will print Sucrose-potassium nitrate solid rocket propellant and compare the mechanical characteristics of the printed propellants to those manufactured by the traditional hand-casting method. Project Sponsor: Special Aerospace Services Customer: Tim Bulk Project Advisors: Dr. Ryan Starkey Project...


STAR is a group of three assemblies which provide confidence in the attitude response of a Cubesat.