Senior Design 2014-2015

Course Coordinator: Dale Lawrence
Course Assistant: Ryan Slabaugh
Professional Advisory Board (PAB): Dale Lawrence, Xinlin Li, Donna Gerren, James Nabity, John Farnsworth, Jelliffe Jackson, Trudy Schwartz, Matt Rhode

10 Teams:

  • ANACONDA: Antenna with Autonomous, Continuous, Data Transfer
  • ASTERIA: Aloft Stratospheric Testbed for Experimental Research on Infrasonic Activity
  • BLISS: Boundary Layer In-Situ Sensing System
  • ETHOS: Earth Horizon Sensor
  • SPECTRE: Solar-sail Pitch Enabling Controller Through Root Excitation
  • MEDUSA: Methane Engine Design for Unmanned Small Aircraft
  • MODEFLIER: Mode-Demonstrating Flying Laboratory: Instruction and Experiment in Real-time
  • PHOENIX: 2U cubeSat mid-wave infrared camera proto-flight payload, a precursor to the flight camera unit for the LMCO bus
  • RACER: Rappelling Cave Exploration Rover
  • STATIS: Systematic Testbed Apparatus for Thermal Infrared Sensors