Fluid Extraction for Nozzle Injection eXperiment

FENIX: design an experimental test bed to provide multiple fluid injection scenarios in a nozzle, and will measure thrust forces in three axes as well as flow parameters. 

Project Sponsor: 
Customer: Ryan Starkey

Project Advisors: Hank Scott (CU) 
Project Manager: Michael Bonnici 

Team Members:  Michael Bonnici, Elliot Guber, Samuel Henney, Elvin Mujcin, Naveen Penmetsa, Wenceslao Shaw-Cortez, Trevor Schlieper, Joshua Veum  

Project Outcomes

  • Flow is injected at a mass flow between 0 – 80 g/s
  • An experimental test bed that supports thrust vectoring and supersonic throat constriction experiments
  • Measurement capabilities in three axes to measure fluidic thrust vectoring for yaw, pitch, and roll control
    • 444.8 N (100 lbf) in axial
    • 133.4 N (30 lbf) in yaw and pitch
    • 0.1% acccuracy of total measurement range
  • Test stand is adapted for the AT-450 miniature turbojet but can be adapted to any miniature turbojet