Our students enthusiastically welcome interaction with industry experts!  Your active participation in the project is critical to the students’ educational experience as well as the successful outcome of your project.  Therefore, we require that customers:

  • Identify a contact person for the project who can dedicate at least one hour per week to the project.  Interactions are most important and intensive during the first six weeks of the fall semester as the students are working to define the project and requirements.
  • Meet and/or be available for teleconferences with the project team as needed.
  • Provide the project team with advice and feedback on submitted documents and presentations such as the Customer Project Requirements Document, Project Definition Document, Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews, etc., in a timely manner.
  • Attend team design reviews twice each semester.  These reviews last one hour.
  • Provide input to the advising faculty regarding student engagement and performance.  The advising faculty member determines grades for each student based on the team results and individual contribution.

The CU-Boulder Aerospace Engineering Sciences Capstone Senior Design program is an innovative and ideal opportunity for students to undertake a real-world project that will simultaneously benefit the customer.  We want to collaborate with you to develop the next generation of leaders in the aerospace industry and look forward to talking with you in greater detail!