The Department of Education program, Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need (GAANN), provides fellowships to assist graduate students with excellent records who demonstrate financial need and plan to pursue the highest degree available in a field designated as an area of national need. The Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences GAANN program in Aerospace Engineering Sciences (AES) will award 4-8 fellowships annually.

The overall goal of the program is to offer excellent students with demonstrated financial need, the encouragement, opportunity, and support to pursue and complete the PhD program in Aerospace Engineering Sciences. We will provide rich experiences in research and teaching that prepare students for leadership positions in the field. In research, GAANN fellows will work closely with faculty mentors to learn research methods, and exercise their skills through joint and individual research projects. Fellows will receive training in teaching practices and are individually supervised in teaching at several levels – mentoring of undergraduate research students, serving as a teaching assistant, and team-teaching an undergraduate course or graduate course together with their research mentor. GAANN fellows are guaranteed financial support for up to five years through completion of their degree.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the AES GAANN applicants must satisfy three criteria:

  • U.S. Citizenship or permanent resident status (green card holders)
  • Admitted to the PhD program in AES
  • Demonstrated financial need (based on the FAFSA)

The department is committed to increasing diversity of qualified researchers and teachers in aerospace engineering and particularly encourages applications from eligible students with backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the field, including women.

GAANN Fellow commitments

Students who are selected as GAANN Fellows must commit to:

  1. Complete a 4-element teaching program over the course of the PhD studies:
    1. participate in training through the GTP;
    2. serve as a teaching assistant (10 hours per week for 1 semester);
    3. mentor one or more undergraduate researchers; and
    4. team-teach a course
  2. Complete an annual report of their activities (format to be specified)
  3. Complete the PhD degree requirements within 5 years

Department commitments

In supporting the development of selected GAANN Fellows, the AES department commits to:

  1. Provide faculty mentor who will guide the fellow in research, teaching, and professional development, and assist with job placement post-graduation.
  2. Guarantee financial support for up to five years through completion of the degree subject to the student making acceptable academic progress.
  3. Provide GAANN fellows the opportunity for industry or laboratory internship and support to attend a professional conference.
  4. Provide an annual evaluation of the student’s progress toward degree completion.

Information for faculty writing letters of support

Accepting a GAANN fellowship means a student is committed to the 4-element teaching program, the faculty member must guarantee support for completion of degree (subject to acceptable progress), and must provide high quality supervision of research, teaching, allow for summer internship, assist with job placement, and complete annual progress report.

Selection committee

Graduate Committee

Application Deadline: TBD