Graduate students have several financial aid options. 

Department Funding Support:

MS Students

  • Financial support is not guaranteed for MS students.
  • Individual advisors may offer research assistantships to MS students.
  • MS students can apply for hourly course assistantships at a competitive salary.
  • Top students may be considered for sponsored fellowships or internships.

 PhD Students

Students meeting the rigorous admission requirements for the PhD are admitted to a focus area, matched with a faculty advisor, and are guaranteed financial support for up to 4 years to completion of the doctoral degree. This continued financial support will be renewed each year provided that the student is making acceptable progress as evidenced by progression through the preliminary and comprehensive exams, and annual progress reviews by his/her thesis committee. Support for longer periods of study are allowed, but are not guaranteed by the department.

This support may be subject to the availability of continued funds in the student's selected research area. It is provided primarily by the advisor or focus area through external fellowships, contracts and grants. In the case of an unexpected loss of funding, the student may be required to switch fields in order to keep their financial support. One year of support (typically the first year) can be provided by a departmental fellowship or teaching assistantship.

Fellowship Opportunities

Applicants are encouraged to apply for outside funding to support their graduate studies. Although there may be other opportunities to applicants seeking admission to our program, the opportunities linked below provide a good start in an applicant's search for funding.

Fellowship Opportunities

Federal Student Aid

In most instances, a domestic graduate student will be eligible for enough federal financial aid to cover his or her total cost of attendance. The cost of attendance (student budget) includes tuition/fees, room/board, books/supplies, rent/utilities, medical, transportation and personal expenses. Please note that car expenses (car payment, insurance, repairs), credit card payments, and rent/utilities over the budgeted amount are not included. It is very important to keep your expenses within the budget.

For more information regarding your eligibility for federal financial aid, contact the CU Office of Financial Aid.