Carol Anne Clayson

Associate Scientist with Tenure 
Physical Oceanography Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

Professor Clayson's current primary interest is focused on atmosphere-ocean interaction, with an emphasis on boundary layer processes. Current projects include research involving air-sea fluxes, both in understanding the physics of the interfacial layers at the atmosphere-ocean interface, and in techniques for determining these fluxes from satellite observations. Another project involves understanding the nature of cloud-sea surface temperature interactions, using a combination of data sources and a single-column coupled ocean-atmosphere model. Investigations are continuing into the use of a formal feedback analysis method to quantify the feedbacks in the tropical ocean-atmosphere system. Other research projects include the use of 1-dimensional and 3-dimensional models of the Indian and Pacific oceans and the Sea of Japan. Work in the tropics with these models is aimed at understanding the effects of precipitation on the oceanic mixed layer, and the work in the Sea of Japan is on understanding the role of air-sea coupling in producing oceanic deep convection in this region.