ACES LogoDescription: Attitude Control for prEcise Sciences (ACES) is a project to develop the algorithms and select prototype hardware for an attitude determination & control system (ADCS). An ADCS is the combination of hardware and software that determines and controls the orientation of spacecraft. These systems are used for many important spacecraft operations such as communications, detumbling, and power generation.

The team's current work focuses on selecting hardware and algorithm development for a cost-effective ADCS which meets the precise attitude knowledge and pointing requirements for both heliophysics and astrophysics investigations. The project is currently focusing on improving the modeling and simulation software tools created in previous semesters and creating documentation for a future team.

Advisor: Brian Marotta       

Sponsor: Aerospace Corp. and LASP             

PM: Alex Boehm

Team Roster: Alex Boehm, Julian Lema, Galen Savidge, Jeremiah Munson, Anshul Jain, Hunter Singh