Who are Peer Advisors?

Current CU students who you may even have classes with! These students also have advising training to help with any problems you may have, especially when you don't have the time to ask your advisor. If Peer Advisors don't have the answer for your specific question, they will go above and beyond to get that answer for you. Come talk to us, even if the question or problem you may have isn't academic, because we can still get you in the right direction.

We are located in the Academic Resource Center, Woodbury 109. If you have any questions, please call 303-492-7885 or email us at aacpeers@colorado.edu

Why should I see a Peer Advisor?

  • Help you register for classes
  • Introduce you to your Degree Audit
  • Walk you through making appointments with your advisor
  • Show you tools such as the Faculty Course Questionaire, Transferology
  • Answer any questions you may have via Live Chat
  • Ask for class or club recommendations

Meet the Peer Advisors