CU Thrive Mentors

CU Thrive is a peer mentoring program in the College of Arts and Sciences.  

  • Being a Peer Mentee will help incoming first-year and transfer students successfully transition into the community here at the University of Colorado Boulder. By being paired with a sophomore, junior, or senior CU student, mentees will get helpful tips on how to do well in classes, join organizations that will suit mentee's interests, and make the most of everything CU has to offer.
  • Peer Mentors play a huge role in making CU Thrive flourish and making it a successful program. Through CU Thrive, mentors will develop an interpersonal relationship with their first-year or transfer mentee which will help them become academically and socially acclimated to the University of Colorado Boulder environment.

We are located in the Advising Resource Center in Woodbury 109. If you have any questions, please feel free to come in and ask away or email us at

Our program pairs first-year and transfer students, otherwise known as “mentees”, with upperclass student “mentors”. Collegiate mentor relationships foster self efficacy, a sense of community, and encourages retention among students. CU Thrive draws upon CU’s Wellness Wheel, which includes all aspects of  healthy well-being, emphasizing social, physical, career, financial, and community success. Mentors meet with their mentees on a bi-weekly basis throughout the semester to ensure their mentee thrives in every section of the Wellness Wheel. Additionally, CU Thrive hosts events 1-2 times a month based on aspects of the Wellness Wheel. 


Being a Peer Mentee will help first-year and transfer students learn how to successfully tackle their first year here. By pairing the mentee with a sophomore, junior, or senior CU student, mentees will get helpful tips on how to do well in classes, join organizations that will suit the mentee's interests, and make the most of everything CU has to offer without getting lost in the crowds.

Peer Mentee Benefits

  • Making connections with the University of Colorado Boulder and the surrounding community.
  • By enhancing self-motivation, self-discipline, problem solving, critical thinking skills and goal-setting.
  • Becoming more successful in one's academic career.
  • Increasing one’s social sphere and gaining a sense of time-management. 

If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student who is interested in pursuing this program, it is as easy as filling out this Interest Inventory survey! This survey is necessary in order to pair up mentees with mentors. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at before filling out the Interest Inventory.

This program is a semester-long program for mentees so you have the option to opt out of the second semester or partipicate halfway through the year. However, we do take mentees all throughout the year.


A Peer Mentor is an upper-class student trained to help first-year and transfer students learn the ropes at the University of Colorado Boulder. Peer mentors gain valuable leadership experience and supplement their own academic experience by expanding their knowledge about campus resources and opportunities.  By sharing their knowledge and experiences, mentors help mentees successfully navigate their first year at CU. This program is volunteer-only but mentors do have the chances to get "swag" and win prizes from the CU Bookstore.

This program is a year long commitment for mentors and if students cannot commit to participating in this program for a year, we cannot hire you as a mentor.

The application has closed for the Fall 2017 semester. It may or may not reopen for the Spring 2018 semester but please check back here for any updates as we get closer. 

If you have any questions, email us


How much time do mentors & mentees spend together?
We require that our mentors and mentees must meet once every two weeks. However, we encourage mentors and mentees meeting more than that. The program also hosts events that are generally for both the mentors and mentees, unless otherwise stated. In total, both individuals can expect about a 5-7 hour time commitment per month. 

How many events does CU Thrive hold for it’s mentees & mentors?
We hold one CU Thrive Kickoff event per semester (usually a couple weeks into the semester) and 1-2 events per month. Each event is mandatory for both the mentor and mentee but usually help increase the sense of community within CU Thrive with free food!

What are some of these events?
CU Thrive receives a lot of donations for CU and the Boulder community. Some events include hiking, bowling at the UMC Connections, ice skating at the Rec Center, Center for Student Involvement presentations, "How to Prepare for a Career Fair" dinner at the Village Center, and CU Thrive at the Farmers Market. 

How do you match Mentor to Mentee?
Each party fills out an Interest Inventory which helps us get to better know the mentor and mentee. The CU Thrive Coordinators then pair up the mentor and mentees based on similiar aspects such as major, interest, future goals, etc.

Please note: We are not an academic tutoring service and if you have any potential misconceptions about what this program is, please email us.