Now’s the time to reach out. CU has a number of advisors – First-year Advisors, Departmental Advisors, Peer Advisors, Advisors for Students in Transition, and Pre-Professional Advisors– available to you to help design your academic path.

Take charge of your education and reach out as early as possible to get as many perspectives on your education and connection to resources as possible.

First-year Advisors

In your first-year at CU-Boulder and until you confirm a major in your Sophomore Year, you will be assigned an advisor who specializes in helping you successfully navigate campus living, explore academic fields, and discover your strengths. Our advisors work alongside you to design a college experience that propels you forward into your remaining time at CU-Boulder.

Disciplinary Advisors

In your sophomore year and beyond, you will work with an advisor who specializes in your field(s) of interest. You can learn about departmental events and academic opportunities that deepen and enrich your knowledge, pursue opportunities to research alongside some of the nation’s leaders in their respective fields, and apply for internships that will grow your professional skills and boost your career marketability.

Peer Advisors

Throughout your time at CU, you can meet with our peer advisors who can answer many of your questions about your experience. Our peer advisors are full-time students who provide perspective on classes, different ways to pursue college success, and resources they have used.

Advisors for Students in Transition

Students in Transition (SiT) advisors serve as resources for student populations who need specialized advising and support, including returning adult learners, students who are changing academic direction late in their undergraduate careers, international students, foreign exchange students, veterans, and military students.

Pre-Professional Advisors (Pre-Health & Pre-Law)

Pre-professional advisors help you define your career goals and guide you toward reaching those goals. Our advisors maintain ongoing contact with admissions officers at law and health professional schools nationwide, so that we can provide up-to-date advice for students who seek to become competitive applicants to professional schools.