Kim Noice
Biology Majors Advisor (EBIO, IPHY, MCDB)

Porter B126, UCB 347

Originally from Ohio, I obtained my B.S. in Biology from Ohio University.  Interestingly, my major was actually marine biology (an odd degree to get from a school in a land-locked state!).  In order to study marine organisms hands-on, I participated in research internship programs in Massachusetts and Maine.  I enjoyed Maine so much that I then chose to go to University of Maine for my Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  My dissertation focused on a family of fish called Antarctic Icefish.  These fish are often seen as an evolutionary anomaly due to the lack of hemoglobin in their blood.  After completing my Ph.D., I headed south to NC to teach biology and advise students at a community college for three years.  Now I am excited to be living in Colorado and working with the students of CU Boulder.