Joshua Firestone Profile Photo
Manager of HR, Budget, and Payroll

WDBY 102, UBC 290

Joshua was born in Ohio, but moved his whole life since his dad was in the Navy. Growing up near the coast instilled in him a love for the ocean, and, in particular, surfing. To remain close to the water he attended college at Palm Beach Atlantic University where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Finance and Accounting. After college and a year internship in Maui he was accepted to an M.A. program at CU in Classical Studies. Deciding to return to his financial roots he sought out a job in accounting and landed his first position at CU as an Accounting Technician in Arts & Sciences. He has since served as the Office Manager in Philosophy and as a Grant Accountant with the Controller’s Office. Besides his love for surfing is his deep passion for soccer. He continues to pursue both of these activities through leagues in Boulder and trips abroad. He has lived in Colorado for seven years.