Alyssa Stephens

Before arriving at CU Boulder, Alyssa Stephens knew she was excited to move out on her own and meet new people.

“I went to a big high school, but mostly knew everyone since elementary school,” she said. “I was looking forward to meeting people from different places.”

Stephens, a native of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, participated in as many activities as she could when she moved to Boulder. The previous summer, she had attended an on-campus program through New Student & Family Programs, which she said helped the transition to living at CU-Boulder.

“I knew where things were,” she said. “And I had already talked with all of these new people and attended events and activities with new people. It just made me feel more comfortable and realize it was something I could do.”

During the first couple of weeks, Stephens quickly got to know the other residents of Libby, where she lived her first year, by attending hall and floor programs. She learned that she had classes and a major in common with a group on her floor and they started studying together. With a double major in communications and women and gender studies, she said having a group of friends to study with helped ease her nervousness around classes.

But she didn’t wait until move-in to start making connections. She and her roommate found each other on Facebook and realized they had several common interests. Since they didn’t live far from each other, they were able to meet up before they moved in.

“It was great, we kind of already knew each other,” she said adding that moving in with a roommate was still something completely new to her.

Stephens' advice for incoming students: Attend as many events and programs as possible and try some activities that might be outside of your comfort zone.

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