Margie Grant
Senior Assistant

Margie joined CU Boulder in October 2017 where she held a temporary assignment with the Leeds School of Business Advancement Office supporting the Assistant Dean. In January 2018, Margie was hired as an Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement at CU Boulder supporting the office as they worked together to meet the needs of the Advancement division at CU Boulder. In October 2019 Margie joined Advancement Marketing and Communications to support the Executive Director as well as the team as a whole.  Margie recently took on an additional role of Project Manager for the online platform called Workfront that the team uses to manage all projects campus wide.

Prior to working for the University of Colorado, Margie worked for Cherry Creek School District in Greenwood Village, CO for twelve years in various administrative roles within three different schools, her last assignment being an Office Manager in a K-8 school.

A native of Montana, Margie attended university at the Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology in Butte. After leaving Montana, she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where she held a position in the US Attorney’s Office. She left the United States and she had the privilege to live and work in Perth, Western Australia for fourteen years; becoming a dual citizen in 2003.  In 2005, she returned to the USA and settled in Colorado. She moved to Boulder from Centennial in 2017.  Margie has two children and enjoys travel, backpacking, hiking and spending as much time as possible in the outdoors with her partner, dog and children!