Byron and Marion White Scholar

Ben Greiner“The Byron and Marion White Memorial Scholarship has been instrumental in making my experience at CU Boulder possible. The expectations of excellence in academics, service, and athletics have inspired me to ask more of myself, and to take advantage at a great number of opportunities that have come my way in all three of these realms of my life. The continued encouragement of the scholarship committee has helped me find the courage to follow my interests, wherever they take me, and I'm grateful for the support that I've received from this program over the last four years. 

It’s safe to say that I would not have ended up at CU without the support of generous donors.  My story here has been one of opportunities, in many forms, and the freedom to pursue them.  Scholarships fundamentally change how I look at those opportunities and will give me a special freedom when I graduate—freedom to follow what I am passionate about, rather than grasping desperately at the first job that comes along. 

The opportunities for real-world experiences in development and engineering have been far beyond anything I dreamed of before coming here.  From my internship opportunities with Engineers without Borders in Peru and Second Mile Water, Inc. in Nicaragua, I’ve gained a glimpse into the development world, learned invaluable lessons about team management, and gained insight into rural life in these countries.  All of these things are only possible because of the generous support of scholarship donors, and have helped me start to chart a course for the rest of my life—thank you!”