Applying to CU Boulder

Applying to any college takes some effort. Writing essays, getting recommendations from teachers, requesting transcripts from high schools and so on. However, this one time commitment and effort into the application process can change the direction of your life. I was home schooled for my last year and a half... Read more »

Farm vs. Academia: A Novella

The rooster would crow at about six o’clock in the morning, warning me that I had about an hour left of slumber. The sixty minutes would feel like sixteen, and before I knew it, I would have to be up and ready for the morning milking. The rest of the... Read more »

Boulder Hometown Festival

I’ve always been curious as to what the demographics is for percentage of students at CU who are actually from Boulder. More than 10%? Less? Regardless, you don’t have to be from Boulder to feel at home in this gift to humanity we call a city. To further iterate this,... Read more »

From Summer to Syllabus Week: Transition

Welcome home, Buffs! As summer comes to a close, fall courses begin to kick into high gear. Syllabus week is often regarded as a fun-filled week of shortened lectures and lax seminars; however, many professors soon begin piling on the assignments and upcoming due dates. The first few weeks of... Read more »

On vs. Off-Campus Housing

Here it is, a new school year in beautiful Boulder, Colorado began as we welcomed in the Class of 2020 into the university. As many of you know, the welcoming of the incoming class brings about some annual late-August traditions in Boulder such as; traffic, the magical disappearance of any... Read more »
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So you’re registered for Summer Sampler. Now what?

July 1, 2016

Yes its summertime! It's the time of year where you don’t have to worry about homework, exams or even alarm clocks. But most importantly, summer is the time of year when future college students, like you, travel around the world looking for the next place to call home. The college... Read more »
Macky Auditorium

I’ll Be Bach

April 29, 2016

Did you know that CU-Boulder has a concert hall? Did you know that said concert hall is gorgeous and that the musical performances there are brilliant and very often free for student? When I first started classes at CU-Boulder, I made the mistake of limiting my scope within the university... Read more »

How to Make a Buffeo

April 29, 2016

Makes 6 dozen cookies @ 3oz each (make sure to cut this in half if you are making it at home!) Cookie dough 3lbs butter, cold 1.5lbs sugar 2lbs 4oz flour 1tsp salt 12oz cocoa powder Combine butter and sugar, mix on low speed for 15 seconds Add flour, salt... Read more »
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My Worst Mistake

April 27, 2016

In your freshman year of college, you make a lot of good choices that will positively affect the rest of your college career. You also make some not-so-great decisions, some smaller than others—like forgetting to wear socks to class, or getting out of the dorm shower and realizing that you... Read more »
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How to Get the Most out of the CU-Boulder Rec Center

April 26, 2016

If you aren’t spending any time at the CU Rec Center, you are missing out! We all have seen the beautiful view the rec center offers, at least once on a campus tour. But how often do you actually utilize the gym? In addition to the beautiful view and the... Read more »