Kate Fagan

Writer, ESPN
Communications, 2003

I played basketball in Dublin, Ireland for a season and then played for the Colorado Chill, part of the National Women’s Basketball League. When I was playing for the Chill, I reached out to the Boulder Daily Camera and asked if I could be a freelance writer for them. By the time I was finished playing basketball, I was able to compile a portfolio of my clips and send them to newspapers across the country to find a job. I started at a small paper in Washington state and moved up from there. I am now a columnist and feature writer for ESPNW, ESPN.com and ESPN magazine.
Writing was always my dream and whenever you can make a living being a writer it is not something you can take lightly. My favorite thing is being paid to do what I would do anyway. I would write no matter what, even if I worked in a coffee shop I would write at night and on weekends. Sometimes being a journalist is an all day, every day job, but it does not feel like work.
The qualities that I gained—through basketball and as a student—were teamwork, discipline and confidence. CU-Boulder was a place where I grew tremendously in becoming who I wanted to be. From the moment I stepped on campus, I noticed that it was a place where people dreamed big. I keep in touch with a number of people, and they are all chasing their dreams. The things they said they would do—they are doing. I find that inspiring.
Go to the college that you love when you step on campus. The environment that you are in and the people you are around will inspire you on whatever path you choose. When you are in your career, what matters most is how confident you are in yourself, what you have learned and the people you are surrounded by.