Sarah Kim international admissions counselor

Q&A with an International Admissions Counselor - Europe

Where did you travel to meet with prospective CU Boulder students? I traveled to Europe! What impressed you most about Europe? The Forever Buffs alumni network in Europe was the most impressive thing. For example, at the UK/US Fulbright event, eight CU Boulder alumni volunteered their time, over two days,... Read more »
Jessica Oppen

What Happens to My Application After I Apply?

You've hit submit on your application and now you’re anxiously awaiting your decision. We take our jobs to complete your application and get you a decision very seriously. Every year, I continue to be impressed by our dedicated staff, and see examples of our team going above and beyond to... Read more »
Jack Kroll

Being a Veteran at CU Boulder

So you’ve done it: endured basic training, persevered through immense challenges, saw the world, and served our country. Now you’re thinking—what’s next? You’ve got the GI Bill and you know you’ve always wanted to go back to school. We’re here to help. The University of Colorado Boulder enrolls more than... Read more »
Jennifer Long

As a Transfer Student, Why Choose CU?

Transferring to a new university can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. An important question to ask yourself is which school is right for you? The University of Colorado Boulder excels in many different areas - with 11 different research institutes, a top rated Business School, and one of the... Read more »
Felicia Hamilton

As an In-State Student, Why Choose CU?

The college application process is exciting, stressful, exhilarating and overwhelming all at once. You’ve all but made it to the end of high school and freedom is in sight! Sometimes, the most exciting part of applying to schools is thinking about all of the new places that could be your... Read more »
Michelle Trimpe

As an International Student, Why Choose CU?

Why choose CU Boulder as an international student? Studying in the United States is an exciting opportunity that provides students new experiences that prepare them for their future career and studies. Some of the reasons students choose to pursue higher education include building expertise in a subject, gaining international experience... Read more »
Jill Diaz

As an Out-Of-State Student, Why Choose CU?

I have been fortunate enough to travel many places in my life, from across the nation to across the globe. You know what the best experiences have been for me? The ones where I am traveling alone. Why? Because I don’t have a security blanket of a friend or family... Read more »
Kate Ward

Writing Personal Essays

As an admissions counselor, one of my primary roles when I am on the road during the fall is attending college fairs, high school visits and other events throughout the year to meet with prospective students and families and answer their questions about CU. You can imagine all the of... Read more »
Colleen Newman

What We Look for in Your Application

The University of Colorado Boulder employs a holistic application review process. Wait, what? Yes, a holistic application review process. How many times have you heard that phrase spoken at a college fair, application workshop or a high school visit? Do you really know what that means? Do you trust that... Read more »
Mari Foisy

Funding Tips: Financial Aid and Scholarships

I’m not going to sugar coat this: planning how you will pay for college takes some work. If you’re willing to put in the time now, you can rest assured knowing you explored all your options and took advantage of every possible cent available to help cover your college costs... Read more »