Updated: August 11, 2020

If you are considering deferring to a different entry term, please read through our Things to Know Before Deferring document.

Prospective Student FAQ

Will CU Boulder be test optional for the 2021 application?*

Yes. CU Boulder will not require first-year students who graduate from high school in 2021 to provide ACT or SAT test scores.

What does test-optional mean?*

Test-optional means SAT or ACT scores will not be required as a part of the 2021 application process, but students may submit them if they would like us to consider their scores in our application review.

When can I start applying to CU Boulder as test-optional?*

Beginning August 1, 2020, first-year students applying for the spring, summer or fall 2021 application terms can decide whether to submit SAT or ACT exam scores to be considered as part of the admission review.

Are there additional documents or application requirements that need to be submitted if I am applying without SAT or ACT exam scores?*

No additional documents or supplemental application materials are required for first-year students applying to CU Boulder in lieu of SAT or ACT scores.

Will SAT/ACT scores be required for consideration for automatic merit scholarships?

First-year applicants for the summer and fall 2021 terms will not be required to submit test scores for scholarship consideration. Applicants will be reviewed holistically for merit scholarship consideration.

Will SAT/ACT scores still be required for scholarship consideration?

Test scores may or may not be required for consideration depending on the scholarship. Scholarships awarded via the CU Boulder scholarship application, or private scholarships, may have different requirements.

Is there a minimum grade point average for applicants?

We take a holistic approach when reviewing applications and therefore do not have a minimum grade point average requirement. For information about admitted student average GPA and test scores by college, visit our selection process webpage.

If I change my mind and now want my SAT or ACT exam scores considered as part of my application, how should I report my scores?*

Unfortunately, you will not be able to update this information once you submit your application.

How will CU Boulder make admission decisions without a standardized test score?

CU Boulder will continue to make a holistic assessment of each application with all of the information that is available. If students receive a decision that does not meet their desires, they may appeal with new and compelling academic information.

SAT/ACT scores are not required, but will they be a consideration?*

CU Boulder will continue to take a holistic approach when reviewing every application. So, if students choose to include test scores, they will be considered. If students choose to withhold test scores, we will not ask for them for the admissions decision. We always look for reasons to admit an applicant.

I’m a Colorado resident and I don’t know if I will go to the out-of-state school I’m committed to. How long will your application remain open for fall?

Our application is still open for fall.  We encourage you to submit your application and all required documents as soon as possible since we do not know how long the application will remain open. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis after your complete application is received. 

  • Will merit aid be awarded?
    No. To be considered for merit aid, you must have applied by our January 15 Regular Decision Application Deadline. 
  • Can I apply for financial aid? 
    Yes, please complete your FAFSA and include us as a school to send it to (001370). 
  • Will any of the CARES funding be saved for incoming students? 
    CARES funding will be considered for enrolled students.

Transfer Applicant FAQs

Does CU Boulder accept pass/fail grades from my spring 2020 semester?

Yes, if the course is eligible for transfer credit, CU Boulder will accept a ‘P’ or ‘S’ grade (or equivalent) earned in the spring 2020 semester or quarter in transfer credit.

What if the college/school I want to apply to requires a specific letter grade for transfer admission?

Those colleges and schools who use specific letter-grade thresholds for specific courses for transfer admission will accept a ‘P’ or ‘S’ grade earned in spring 2020 for any of those courses in lieu of a letter grade.

Will CU Boulder still accept AP and IB credit using the new online format?

Yes. We recognize all the work that goes into taking an AP or IB course and/or studying for the exam. Rest assured that a change in testing format does not change how CU Boulder awards credit for AP exams or IB credit. For more information on these policies and required scores, visit the credit by examination webpage.

If I am not able to provide official transcripts with my application, will you accept an unofficial transcript?

Yes. We understand it may be difficult for you to submit an official college or high school transcript(s) at this time. If you have not already submitted official transcripts, we will accept an unofficial copy of your transcript(s) for review and decision purposes.

Will COVID-19 delay my decision notification?

Not at all. We are here to support you and continue to review and notify applicants of their decision within 4–6 weeks of submitting a completed application.

What is the transfer confirmation deadline?

The confirmation deadline for transfer students is June 15 if you received your admission decision on or before June 1. For those admitted after June 1, we ask you to confirm within two weeks of receiving that decision. If you need more time to decide whether you want to confirm, please contact your admission counselor.

Graduate Student FAQs

How can I request a term change?

Admitted graduate students should contact their department and request a term change/deferral. The graduate department can choose to approve or deny any deferral requests. All departments have been encouraged by the Graduate School to be as flexible as possible with deferral requests.

Will students keep their assistantship/grant/funding if they term change their enrollment at CU Boulder?

This is determined by each department and we recommend you contact your department for more information.

International Student FAQs

Can I use the I-20 I received from CU Boulder to join a later term?

I-20s must be used to apply for the term to which you were admitted. Currently, I-20s are being emailed to students directly, and are being sent to confirmed international students outside of the United States three business days after a term change request has been submitted. When students who have already confirmed submit a term change request, they will automatically have a new I-20 for the correct term emailed to them after three business days.

Can a student enrolled in the International English Center Bridge Program still defer after completion of that program?

Yes, on an individual basis. Please contact your admissions counselor for more information.