person holding pencil near laptop computer1. CU Boulder’s Early Action (EA) deadline is November 15.
Be sure you get your application and all required materials in by November 15 to qualify for our Early Action Deadline! Many schools in the nation have an Early Action or Early Decision deadline of November 1, but CU Boulder gives you a little extra time. Still, try not to wait until the last minute to submit your application!
2. Our EA deadline is non-binding
No commitment is required! If you submit your application for EA and you’re admitted, you are not obligated to attend CU Boulder. You’re applying early to hear a decision early and to have additional time to consider all of your options. You’ll have more time to consider the important academic and financial decisions ahead of you, which is always a plus!
3. All EA applicants will get their decision by February 1.
In comparison, our Regular Decision applicants will receive their decision by April 1. You’ll have a few more months to think about where you want to attend university. This will also give you more time to have some very important discussions with your family members, guardians, friends, and/or your trusted advisors.
4. All of your required documents must also be submitted in time to qualify for EA.
We cannot stress this enough! It’s not just your Common App that must be on time-- we also need to have received all of your other required documents by November 15. If you’re having trouble submitting a transcript, your high school counselor can email a copy to us at We will not consider transcripts sent from students or parents as official documents. Check your application status page frequently to ensure that you’ve submitted everything before the deadline!
5. You have an admission counselor at CU Boulder who can help!
Contact your counselor if you’re having any difficulty submitting your application. Our admission counselors are happy to connect with you and to provide assistance when it’s needed. However, don’t wait until the last minute! We can do more to help with more time!
6. Don’t forget to double-check your documents before you submit them!
Did you make sure to include the correct name of the university you’re applying to? Did you make sure there weren’t spelling errors or grammatical errors in your essay? Finally, ask someone else to look over your work for any errors that you may have missed. Polish up your work before you submit it!
7. Once you complete and submit your application by the EA deadline, you can rest easy because you got it done!
Pat yourself on the back and while you wait, stay connected with us! Follow @futurebuffs on our social channels and look out for virtual visit events. We have a lot going on while you wait for your decision, so join our CU Boulder community online!
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Sarah Kim
Senior Assistant Director
Office of Admissions