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You've hit submit on your application and now you’re anxiously awaiting your decision. Here in the admissions office, we are busy processing and evaluating every application that we receive in order to get those admission decisions sent out as promptly as possible! Every year, I continue to be impressed by our dedicated staff, and I consistently see examples of our team going above and beyond to make the application process as easy and seamless as possible for you.   

From the time that you hit submit on your application to the time you get your decision letter in the mail, there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes in our operations department. Our mailroom is still a busy place, despite the fact that we get most documents electronically these days. Our mailroom staff keep themselves busy accepting application fees over the phone and resolving duplicate records in our application system when they’re not opening and sorting mail from all over the world.

Next, our data management team down the hall makes sure your paper and electronic documents are scanned accurately into our application system and attached to your record. This is no small task considering the many thousands of credentials, essays and letters of recommendation that arrive in our office throughout the admission cycle!

From there, our dedicated team of processors enters your high school, college and test score information into our system and updates your checklist so that you can track the progress of your application on your status page. Along with taking care of all the applications, our processors answer your emails and are standing by to help our knowledgeable staff who answer phones in the Admissions Call Center. Working in admissions requires a special combination of attention to detail, a strong desire to help others and, with the increasingly advanced systems and technology we use, the ability to manage the volumes of applications and documents we receive each year.  I’m very grateful to have such a diligent and competent staff helping bring you to our wonderful campus. We come in on Saturdays, we show up early and stay late and we have all kinds of tricks for staying focused through the crunch time, like sledding on the hill across the street from our office and lunchtime walks that give us a chance to soak up the Boulder sunshine.

When the data has all been entered on the operations side, our counselors begin carefully and holistically reviewing your application materials. If they need more information from you, they’ll tell us so we can let you know what additional materials you should send. Finally, our counselors tell us when they’re ready to make a decision on your file so that we can enter the decision and send you a letter. Our recruitment and operations staff all work together as one big team so that you are well-equipped to make your decision about where to go to school. And, if you decide that CU Boulder is the right fit, our operations team will be thrilled to know that our hard work helped make your dream a reality!


Jessica Oppen

Jessica Oppen
Associate Director
Office of Admissions