CU Kick Off Event

So you’re #BoulderBound? Congratulations! We are incredibly excited to welcome you to the Forever Buffs family. Choosing your college takes time, effort and maybe too many trips to the counseling office, but you did it. And now we’re here to help you with the rest of the way to your first day as a college student. Here we go!

Step 1: If you haven’t already, activate your “IdentiKey” and apply for housing: Once you confirm, you get your unique student log in, which we call an IdentiKey. Three to five business days after you activate your IdentiKey, you’ll have access to the housing application. Did you know there are 24 unique residence halls to live in as a freshman at CU Boulder? How to decide?!

Well, you can sort through the 12 Residential Academic Programs (RAPs), which are academic environments integrated directly into the residence hall living experience; you actually take some of your classes in your hall! These RAPs range from Global Studies to Libby Arts to Health Professions and more. Take your time on the housing application and get to know these distinctive communities. You just might be surprised how many options are perfect for you!

Step 2: Submit your Buff OneCard picture as it serves as your campus identification. This student ID card gives you access to your residence hall and room, allows you to pay for printing and laundry, allows you to gain entry to our Rec Center, and lastly, carries your meal plan! Your future Buff OneCard is the card you will have for as long as you are a student here!

Step 3: Get ready for “orientation” with New Student & Family Programs. Life after graduation is exciting, but it can also be scary; you have lost that amazing school counselor who helped you through this entire process. But no fears! New Student & Family Programs is here to support you and your family as you transition to campus. In May, they will get you started with your “Online Experience,” an online series of courses that focus on student success, advising, enrolling in classes and knowing your campus resources. And it’s all done remotely! Then in July, your enrollment window will open, and you will pick your first college classes (Will it be “Greek Mythology” or “America through Baseball” or “Media and Public Culture?” You decide!). Once you’re enrolled, you will move to campus and experience “Fall Welcome,” a week-long experience of exploring campus, meeting your fellow classmates and preparing for college. Like I said, New Student & Family Programs will be ready for you! Make sure you are checking your CU Boulder email as this is our main form of communication so please log in and start using it.

Step 4: Get your CU Boulder gear: I’ll admit, this isn’t a required step, but what better way to show that you’re going to be a CU Buffalo than to wear it with pride! Get a bright gold hoodie to wear on your autumn hikes, a “Shoulder to Shoulder” tee shirt with the fight song so you can sing along at the football games, or even some black-and-gold shades to use on our 300 sunny Colorado days. You can even stock up at the CU Book Store, if you need a place to start. No matter what you wear, though, we know that in your heart, you already bleed black and gold!

So, do you feel like a Buff yet? Becoming a college student can take some getting used to, but you’ve got a great campus at CU Boulder that is ready to welcome you and inspire you. Take the next few months to enjoy your senior year, connect with your new campus and gear up for an incredible new adventure in your life. Be excited. Be prepared. And get ready to Be Boulder!


Camila Taylor

Maria “Camila” Taylor
Admission Counselor
Office of Admissions