Published: April 20, 2018

Davidson MesaLike the pearl in a collection of stones, Boulder is a hidden oasis, tucked away in the beautiful, magnificent Rocky Mountain Front Range. Overarched by colossal sandstone towers, the city of Boulder is one of the most breathtaking and serene places in the state of Colorado.

From the moment the sun rises, the colors of the light dance, fade and bolden across the sky like auroras. Every day, you are filled to the rim with astonishment from each unique sunrise. When the sun sets over the snowcapped mountains, epic shades of sunlight illustrate a painting only fathomed by surreal artists.

Boulder prides itself on its culture of outdoorsman-ship and environmental stewardship. As the most active town in all of America, Boulder is home to professional athletes and amateurs alike. With Boulder’s one of a kind setting nested in the base of the Rocky Mountains, popular activities include mountain biking, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, ice climbing, skydiving and much more. The friendly locals welcome newcomers, and a true sense of community is built on genuine connections.

Additionally, as one of the most culturally diverse places in Colorado, Boulder offers a wide variety of authentic, organic and exquisite food choices from around the world. From spicy Chinese food to delicious sushi to bite-size tacos, Boulder has something to cater to each person’s tastes. The city also prides itself on a healthy diet, with food being primarily organic and locally sourced. The Boulder Farmers Market hosts numerous artisan farmers and craftsmen who consistently showcase their dedication to local, organic and environmentally friendly products. Here, one can find fresh fruits and vegetables, sample taste an array of wild honey choices as well as homemade salsas, create beautiful flower bouquets and listen to live music. Boulder also hosts a food truck extravaganza with music and a variety of foods.

Boulder is also a highly educated town in its own right. The University of Colorado Boulder takes the initiative to produce lecture series on the weekends that are free to all community members and given by professors. These lecture events are highly popular among native Boulderites, who enjoy learning about professors’ research and partaking in in-depth discussions. Likewise, the University also hosts an annual, internationally renowned event called the Conference on World Affairs. This event, which lasts about a week, is free to all students and community members. Professionals from all around the world gather to host talks on nearly any and every topic one can think of. Highly popular among locals, students are also deeply invested in coming to the Conference. Speakers include world leaders, company CEOs, actors/actresses, professional athletes, members of international governmental organizations and NGOs, local researchers, professors, artists and many more.

Engulfed by nature, culture and abundant opportunities for learning, CU Boulder students are hardworking, genuine and sincere people committed and inspired to achieving their goals. 


Hala Fares

Hala Fares
Assistant Director
Office of Admissions