transfer students with a professor“Will my credit transfer to CU Boulder?” This is a question we hear several times a day and while it is one of the most important aspects of a prospective student’s transfer process, there is more to this question that you should know.

What is the difference between Transferability versus Applicability? Transferability simply means “does the course meet the established criteria to transfer to CU Boulder”.  When we are trying to determine transferability of a course, we look at several factors. Is the institution recognized by CU Boulder? Basically, what type of accreditation does the institution have and how does that compare to CU Boulder? Is the course academic in nature, not technical, remedial or a physical education activity course? Finally, we look at the grade that was awarded, is it a C- or better? If the course meets this basic criteria, it will generally be accepted for transfer credit.

Each course that is deemed transferable to CU has to be reviewed for applicability toward degree requirements. This process is a little more complex and is done at the college/school level. Course descriptions are accessed and reviewed online. From the information, a couple of decisions are made, is there enough information in the course description to determine academic content and rigor or is a course syllabus needed. Next, the information is reviewed to determine if the course content matches what is taught at CU with respect to content, academic level, scope and relevance. If it is determined that it does match, the course is updated to reflect the CU Boulder equivalent. Lastly, a course is reviewed to determine if the content is enough to fulfill a degree requirement, general education, major or elective. If the course can be used to fulfill a degree requirement, it is encoded to reflect which requirement.

Ultimately our goal for the process is to recognize your previous work that you completed, apply the credits as effectively as possible and set you up for success at CU Boulder!

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Kim Diawara

Kim Diawara
Transfer Credit Manager
Office of Admissions