By Abby Kruse

Abby KruseCU Boulder can seem somewhat big, I know I was certainly overwhelmed at the thought of transferring to a school that was larger than my hometown of Glenwood Springs, but it also has a lot of little niches where you can find your people and your groove.

One of my favorite spots on campus is the Celestial Seasonings cafe in the Engineering Center. Their coffee is like a hug in a cup and there are always people around, heading to classes, stopping for a quick bite or just catching up on homework. It’s a place that makes me feel excited about doing schoolwork and meeting new people. The nice part about being part of a larger campus is that everyone can find their favorite spot that fits them.

When I first moved to Boulder I had no idea how I was going to meet people or even where to start looking, and honestly, I still don’t think there is just one answer. The first way I was able to meet other transfer students was at a transfer visit program. This visit happened before school even started so I wasn’t totally in on making new friends yet. The tour not only gave me an opportunity to see the campus but it also gave me an opportunity to meet other transfer students who were thinking about going to CU Boulder. It is amazing how many connections I was able to make on my tour with people who I had never met before. The tour was definitely comforting because it helped me understand that I would be able to meet people no matter what I decided to do once I got to campus.        

The most helpful part of a campus visit is getting to know how your credits will transfer. I know that I was a little stressed about how my credits would transfer since I had spent so much time and effort on them and wanted them to count for something. The advisors are super nice and understanding and want you to do well here. Once I got into classes I started to realize how many people were in my same boat about transferring credits and trying to understand all of the graduation requirements which was certainly comforting as well.       

The best part about touring campus was just seeing how happy everyone was to be here. This made me really excited to join CU Boulder because I felt like I didn’t have that at my last school. There were people playing frisbee on the lawn and sitting in the sun reading books. Kind of what you picture in a movie or something. Even now, CU Boulders beauty seems sort of surreal, but not at all fake. It just is truly beautiful. Everyone is happy just to be a part of this community and I think that is an important vibe to be surrounded by.

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