Where did you go?International counselor life on the road

I traveled to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Scotland with 23 higher education institutions from the US, Canada and Europe who are all members of the Council of International Schools. We had the opportunity to present to and then speak with high school students about their options for study outside of their home country. While November is known to be a dark, cold and rainy time in Northern Europe, we were actually incredibly lucky and had blue skies and sunshine nearly every day! The best part was telling students that this is what many winter days are like in Boulder. It can be cold, but it’s also sunny a lot of the time!

Why CU Boulder?

Many conversations started off with a student rushing up to me and saying, “I am so glad to see CU Boulder here at my school! My sister/brother/cousin/friend goes there and they say such great things about it! They are so happy in Colorado and I can’t wait to go visit them!” It’s so nice when people associate CU Boulder with happy thoughts and feelings, and we love hosting visitors from all over the world. If you do come to campus, make sure to send your admissions counselor an email to say hello.

What was your most memorable experience during the trip?

International counselor life on the roadI was very lucky and got a last-minute ticket to attend the Scotland versus Samoa rugby match in Edinburgh one weekend. I’ve never watched rugby and don’t know the rules, but some friendly locals were kind enough to explain as many rules as they could. I was surprised how civilized the crowd was! Heckling is strongly discouraged and for the most part the spectators sit quietly and just enjoy the game. You can cheer for your team but you should not boo at the other team. It was a unique and refreshing experience.

What is your best advice for applicants?

If you have not applied yet, all applications must be submitted no later than January 15! Apply now!

And if you have applied, check your application status page often! The admissions team here in Boulder is working hard to make sure you receive all the updates and information you need in a timely manner.

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