Where did you travel to meet with prospective CU Boulder students?Europe international fair

I traveled to Europe!

What impressed you most about Europe?

The Forever Buffs alumni network in Europe was the most impressive thing. For example, at the UK/US Fulbright event, eight CU Boulder alumni volunteered their time, over two days, to work the fair with me. These were top executives, business women and men, lawyers, etc., who loved and found great value in their CU Boulder degrees. They were so excited and eager to share their CU Boulder stories with our prospective students.

I know that pursuing a degree in higher education is an investment. It’s not only a financial investment, but it’s an investment of a student’s time and effort, too. As an alumna myself, I always thought my degree was valuable and that I made a return on investment almost immediately. It was nice to be joined by alumni abroad, from so many different professional industries, who felt exactly the same way. Our Buff alumni network is over 250,000 members strong and it was awesome to see a robust branch of that network in Europe. #ForeverBuffs

Did anything surprise you about Europe?

The broad influence of K-Pop! At the fairs in Sophia, Bulgaria and Bucharest, Romania, I was asked multiple times about taking Korean language classes in addition to pursuing majors and minors. Students expressed their love for Korean music, dramas, food and the culture in general. My answer was you can definitely take Korean classes at CU Boulder!

What were some common questions you heard while traveling in Europe?

Seniors who were applying to the November 15 early action deadline wanted to make sure they understood the application process and requirements to submit all their materials on time.

The vast majority of students I interacted with were sophomores and juniors so we talked a lot about the different major and minor options available and then a lot about the active and welcoming CU Boulder community.

Outside of visiting schools, what is your favorite thing about Europe?

I really appreciate the deep history in Europe. I was just in awe of the history and beautiful architecture.

Did you get to see anything interesting while in Europe?

Most of the trip I was city hopping so I had one flight a day. If I had 2-3 hours in a city to explore, I would run around to see as much as possible and snap pictures. It can be exhausting, but collecting the memories is so worth it! I also try to eat local cuisine in every city. When it’s not possible, I try to get something as similar as possible at the airport!

Any final words of wisdom?

Check out our visit schedule to see when we’ll be in your city! We love chatting with students about CU Boulder and what it’s like to be a Buff! If we’re not traveling to your city anytime soon, be sure to check out our Live Chats. We host online chats for international students on a range of topics. Join our admission counselors, current student and prospective students from all around the world to learn more about our university and the admissions process!

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