Writing on a chalkboardI have been fortunate enough to travel many places in my life, from across the nation to across the globe. You know what the best experiences have been for me?  The ones where I am traveling alone. Why?  Because I don’t have a security blanket of a friend or family member with me to depend on.  Without them, I am forced to take in my surroundings, be 100% present, meet wonderful strangers who become friends and really GROW.  Sure it can be scary, but I always end up learning so much about myself and growing.  You might be wondering at this point, what does this have to do with being an out-of-state student coming to CU Boulder?  Everything!

I am sure there are a plethora of opportunities for you to attend a college near you, and while even going to college nearby your family can be overwhelming it can be even more so when you are leaving your state and everything you know.  Which is why there is even more opportunity to grow and really figure out who you are and what your place is in the world.  When you decide to leave your comfortable and well know surroundings, there is nothing to hold you back, it is your time to shine! Try new things and re-invent yourself if you want to!

At CU Boulder, you also have your second family waiting.  There are so many different communities for you to be a part of: more than 450 student organizations, Greek life, Athletics and Living and Learning communities to name a few.  We pride ourselves in creating an environment where students thrive and unleash their untapped potential.  We have graduated astronauts, entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists, lawyers and the list goes on and on.  With our offering of out-of-state scholarships and an abundance of on-campus resources for you once you get here, we are here to support you through the transition. 

Shhh….did you hear that?  I think the mountains are calling ;)


Jill Diaz

Jill Diaz
Assistant Director
Office of Admissions